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Worlds of the Narrative: Fandrel

Planet: Fandrel IV.
Segmentum: Ultima.
Sector: Damocles.
System: Fandrel.
Surveyed: M38.
Fandrel I - Death World.
Fandrel II - Barren World.
Fandrel III - Terrestrial World.
Fandrel IV - Terrestrial World.
Fandrel V - Gas Giant.
Fandrel VI - Gas Giant.
Fandrel VII - Gas Giant.
Fandrel VIII - Ice World.
Fandrel IX - Ice World.
Fandrel X - Ice World.

The Fandrel system was discovered by the Imperium in M38 and colonized within a hundred years. The Imperium hoped that the planet would make a perfect agricultural world to feed the surrounding systems. The third and forth planets would be perfect for their needs. Fandrel IV was found to be rich in heavy metals and ores that could be extracted with ease.

Shortly after the start of the Tau fifth expansion the Empire decided to take this world from the Imperium and put its resources to the use of the Tau. When they arrived they found the planet not in the hands of the Imperium but in the putrid talons of the Death Guard. When they had taken the planet it is not known but the cities lie in ruins, it's people now the walking dead and it's resources being stolen to fuel the Chaos advance.
Size: Equatorial distance - 4,500 miles.
Gravity: 0.9 G.
Satellites: One moon.
Population: None.
Orbit: 93 million miles from it's star. Fandrel IV takes 430 days to complete one orbit.
Climate: Mean surface temperature of 14 degrees centigrade.

The Death Guard arrived in the Fandrel system during the last days of the Damocles crusade. Sneaking in under the radar they launched a surprise attack. Virus bombs and airborne diseases were released into the atmosphere and then the major cities were bombed from orbit for days afterwards before the plague marines even set foot on the planet's surface. The Imperial population was decimated without even putting up a fight or being able to transmit a cry for help. Too busy fighting the Tau Empire the Imperium did not even notice another world falling into darkness.

When the Tau Empire arrived many years later to annex this world they found it turned into a pestilent hell. But the planet still held both a strategic position and vast mineral wealth that the Empire could claim. The fleet engaged the Death Guard ships in orbit and desperately deployed as many landing craft as they could. Once set upon the surface battle has been joined.

Notes: Fandrel is the world for those games set against the Tau Empire. I did consider making this joint between the Tau and the Farsight Enclaves but it seemed an odd mix to do so. The Enclaves will get their own narrative world to fight for.

Tide of Battle:
Tau victories: 1.
Death Guard victories: 2.
Draws: 0.

The Tau have secured a landing site from which to begin their campaign of conquest. It remains to be seen how they manage once the forces of Nurgle mobilize to counter attack.

1. Bunker Assault.
2. Empyric Storm.
3. Battle for Point Perada.

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