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Worlds of the Narrative: Bludhaven.

Planet: Bludhaven.
Segmentum: Segmentum.
Sector: Seraphon.
System: Seraphon.
Surveyed: M41.
Seraphon Alpha - Dead World.
Seraphone Beta - Dead World.
Bludhaven - Hive World.
Seraphon Quintus - Desert World.

Summery: Named after the famous rogue trader Absolom Bludhaven, whose expansive adventures led the discovery of the system, Bludhaven serves as a trade hub for merchant vessels flying the trade routes from the Segmentum Solar through the realm of Ultramarr. The planet sustains several small cities as well as Bludhaven space port itself.
Size: Equatorial distance - 2,500 miles.
Gravity: .95 G.
Satellites: Several large asteroids and a single barren moon.
Population: 17 million at last record.
Orbit: 141 million miles from it's star. Bludhaven takes 680 days to complete one orbit.
Climate: Mean surface temperate of 15 degrees centigrade.

Nearly fifty years before the fall of Cadia, Typhus led his plague fleet into the Imperium raiding a number of worlds surrounding the Segmentum Solar. Bludhaven, being a major trade hub was chosen as a significant target. The opportunity to either disrupt Imperial trade or to sow pestilence into supplies spreading through the Imperium was too good to pass up. When the plague fleet arrived they found only wreckage in orbit and decimated orbital defences. Cities in flames were visible from space.

Making planetfall the Death Guard found an enemy already entrenched against them. This world had already fallen to the greenskin hordes of Ghazkhull Thrukka. The orks still eager for a fight turned their attention to the newly arrived chaos marines. The greenskins may not be the Imperium but they would still succumb to the blessings of Nurgle all the same.

Notes: Bludhaven is the world for those games being played against Ork armies.

Tide of Battle:
Ork victories: 3.
Death Guard victories: 3.
Draws: 0

Despite an excellent initial attack, the Orks have found the Death Guard a more difficult challenge than expected. The might of Nurgle has began to turn the green tide.

1. Blitzkrieg (7th edition).
2. Battle for Fort Ranick.
3. Hold the Line.
4. Hold the Wall.
5. Nurgle Pushes Back.
6. The Siege of Adronberg.

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