Saturday 28 May 2016

Into Darkness - Miridian

Planet: Miridian.
Region: Cadian Sector.

Death Guard vs Dark Eldar.
1500 points.
Mission: Purge the Alien.

The Death Guard had successfully captured the world of Miridian from the Imperium. Typhus began to turn the planet into his own place of power from which to launch attacks upon Cadia.
A few weeks after the Death Guard won the planet, they cam under attack from a raiding force of Dark Eldar eager for slaves and to sow confusion.

This was a replacement match for the last game. I played Gary D's Dark Eldar in the Purge the Alien mission. I wanted to play against a Xenos army as it was thematic to the mission. Gary D is, like myself, a very casual gamer and this approach made for a very fun game. At the time of writing this I cannot remember a lot of the game but I do remember I got to field my two heavy 20 vengeance defence cannon turrets. Unfortunately I do remember that he avoided them staying on his side of the table and using long range dark lance fire to slowly strip my army down. He didn't even need to do anything to achieve victory. It was still a very good game but I think I put too much faith in the defence turrets when I thought they would do a lot better. I don't even think the game went to full term before I lost.

Friday 27 May 2016

The Purging - Lelithar

Planet: Lelithar.
Cadian Sector.

Dark Angels vs Death Guard.
1500 points.
Mission: Purge the Alien.

The Death Guard have found the Dark Angel threat on Lelithar hard to defeat. Unable to defeat a fast moving and mobile force the plague marines are forced to lure the space marines into tight battlefields where their mobility will not be as useful. If the Dark Angels can suffer just one defeat on Lelithar it may give the Death Guard the push they need.

This game was played about three months back and was planned against my friend Joel. I had asked to play against his Tyranid army as my Death Guard had not been tested against them (and still haven't). Unfortunately on that day I had had some bad news and turned up not in such a good mood, and I found Joel had not brought his Tyranid army but a new Dark Angels army his girlfriend had bought him for his birthday. Unfortunately I was a bit of a dick and not very nice for which I am sorry.

His list was a nice one with some fast moving bikes, land speeders and heavy support tanks. With the limited force available to me it was difficult to actually do anything to counteract it. I did have some bikes but they didn't last long. My plague marines were not able to get across the table either. Joel's force was heavily armed with plasma weaponry and I force once I didn't get a lot of FNP rolls.

Joel was by far the better opponent in this game but I also feel that I was not in the right frame of mind to play a game of 40K. I still think he would have won but I might have done better.

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