Wednesday 3 July 2019

Battle of Blood River - Vigilus

The battle of Blood River was an engagement fought between the the Genestealer Cult and a force of Khorne Daemons. The Cult was marching forth to engage the forces of the Imperium when they were set upon a sudden manifestation of daemons. The daemonic incursion cut off and surrounded the Cult, leaving them fighting for their lives.

1750 points.
Genestealer Cult (Twisted Helix) vs Chaos Daemons (Khorne).
Mission: Scorched Earth.
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil.
Battle Zone: None.

This battle was played as game #2 of our day event a couple months ago. With that in mind my memory maybe a little rusty so please bear with me.

This game was against Jon's impressive khorne daemons army. I had been looking forward to this game as I don't get to face off against daemons all that often. We rolled off for deployment and faced each other across the table old skool style. From what I recall Jon set up about half of his army in battle lines across from me and ready to march into battle.

The game was soon down to combat regardless of the mission. Despite blasting many of the infernal horrors into dust Jon kept bringing a few back and deepstriking those he had in reserve. I didn;t do too badly to start with as even my cultists were able to take many down with massed firepower and the fortifications did me well too. But once they reached my lines things changed for the worse.

Once again my forces proved incapable of handling a dedicated assault based army. We did end up with an awkward situation where we did have a small but friendly argument as to how something worked and in the end we went with Jon's interpretation (although I still think I'm right :p ). It did't matter though as it wasn't a situation that would have changed the outcome of the game.

The game went quite quickly but with an expected outcome and I believe that Jon's daemons were very through in tabling my forces. They even tore down my fortifications in close combat.

I wish I could remember more of the details as it was a good fun game. It was probably the game out of the three that day that I had better chance at winning but it wasn't in my favour. My dice that day were fairly pants.

Victory to the khornate daemons.

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