Sunday, 16 June 2019

Summer Update

I have been fairly quiet again lately unfortunately. Real life issues and training for a new promotion at work have kept me quite busy. I haven't even had much opportunity for painting lately. I'm hoping that as the summer progresses I can get back to painting and catching up on my battle reports.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Bloodbath - Vigilus

Having sustained numerous losses since the war on Vigilus began, the cult needed to secure at least a small victory to ensure their survival. A weapons depot in the wastelands was picked as a target as it was expected to be lightly defended while the major battles took place elsewhere. The cult made it's way through the badlands only to find that their expectations were very wrong. A detachment of Custodes lay in wait, having expected just such an attack from one of the Imperium's many foes on Vigilus.

1750 points.
Genestealer Cult (Twisted Helix) vs Adeptus Custodes.
Mission: The Scouring.
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil.
Battle Zone: None.

This was a battle that took place as part of a small day's gaming back in April and not part of the club's ongoing narrative campaign. The details will be sketchy but hopefully you'll get the idea of how the game went.

The first game of the day was against my friend Dan who had brought his Adeptus Custodes army to the table. I have only defeated Custodes once and back then I was playing Death Guard with Mortarion. I was going to do the best that I could here but without sounding too negative, I was fully expecting to get wiped out with my poor cult.

The six objectives were set up fairly evenly across the table and we rolled Hammer and Anvil deployment, which at the time I thought was going to be good for me. I figured as most of Dan's army was walking across the table I might be able to do something before he got too close to me. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way as you have probably expected.

Dan's forces started walking up the table, snatching claim on objectives as they went along. Knowing that I didn't want to get into assault too soon, I elected to stay put and pour as much small arms fire into his troops as they came forward. In theory I should have been able to whittle a few of them down but as is always the case with me, my dice didn't want to play. It wasn't his troops that were the problem though. Dan had brought a venerable contemptor dreadnought, some vertus preator jetbikes and a caladius grav tank. He was able to put a lot of firepower into me before I could do much damage back.

From what I recall, I did managed to strip a few wounds and kill a handful of his troops, but I couldn't do much more than that before he was in my lines with the jetbikes. With some of my cult tied up, the rest of his army had little to slow their advance up the lines. Nothing I had stopped him. I think the game got to turn 4 before he had annihilated me.

It was a good game but considering deployment was more in my favour than Dan's I felt I should have been more effective with my shooting. It wasn't a failing in target priority but just a mixture of bad dice rolls and a tougher army than mine.

Monday, 15 April 2019

The Drona Steppes - Vigilus

The battle of the Drona Steppes followed the Imperial attack on Mount Drona. The Black Templars, led by High Marshal Helbrecht and Grimaldus, a counter attack against the cultists pouring from the tunnels beneath the local industrial buildings. Although outnumbered, the space marines fought through to the heart of the Cult in the region.

1500 points.
Genestealer Cult (Twisted Helix) vs Space Marines (Black Templars).
Mission: Strategic Gambit.
Deployment: Search and Destroy.
Battle Zone: None.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jamie challenged me to a game and brought along his Black Templars space marines. I was really pleased by this as I didn't think we had anyone at the club who played this specific chapter. To make things even better for me, Jamie included both Helbrecht and Grimaldus in his list.

At this time I had not had an opportunity to play any of the missions from Chapter Approved 2018 so Jamie picked one that he thought sounded good. We rolled Search and Destroy as our deployment which I thought considering the amount of LOS blocking terrain would actually do me good. Unfortunately the Space Marines got the first turn and I was extremely surprised at how quickly they got around the cover to be able to get some shots off at me. Once again I really found myself locked into my own deployment zone. Unless the dice gods were with me I would fighting to just hold my position.

As the first few turns progressed, the Templars charged down my right flank and assaulted the rockgrinder trundling towards them. They did some damage but the sturdy construction managed to absorb more wounds than the odds would have allowed. It didn't stop them bringing it down soon after though and although I used a stratagem to detonate the bombs on board it only succeeded in killing one marine.

On my left flank the main body of the space marine force was advancing forwards under cover of fire from a land raider crusader. That beast of a tank was decimating my brood brothers like they were nothing. Where the Templars charged my poor forces were cut down with ease.

Once I had the opportunity to bring in some reinforcements I figured I could at least do some damage even if the game was in the hands of a superior opponent. The genestealers, patriarch and primus clawed their way out of the sands behind his marines on the left flank although in an awkward position, and using a stratagem I popped up my hybrids 4 inches behind Helbrect, with their hand flamers pointed directly at him.

Molten premotheium poured from the hand flamers at the leader of the Black Templars. I rolled 21 wounds and even though Helbrecht has a 2+ armour save I expected to do something. Instead he passed every single one. In retaliation the mighty space marine commander sliced them down in assault. The genestealers did not fair much better. I charged but I could not make much in the way of saves and a handful fell on the way in. I did well in cut down a few marines but their attacks back decimated the genestealers and then the space marines turned all their firepower onto the remaining primus and patriarch.

Victory to the Black Templars.


It was a good game but I don't think I really got to explore the mission as I was too busy fending off brutal assaults. This was another game where my dice let me down so many times while my opponent's dice were working entirely in their favour. It's hard to do anything when the game is against you like that. Even so, it was really good to play against Black Templars again - the last time was under 4th edition!

Saturday, 6 April 2019

The Drona Conflict - Vigilus

The Drona conflict was a military campaign fought by the Imperium against the uprising Genestealer Cults. It took place around the industrial sites at the base of Mount Drona. 
The Imperium initially launched a series of artillery attacks against the Cult's fortified positions before sending in a large tank formation.

1300 points.
Genestealer Cult (Twisted Helix) vs Astra Militarum (Catachan).
Mission: Cleanse and Capture.
Deployment: Dawn of War.
Battle Zone: None. 

I this battle faced the might of Charlie and .. well, at the time I wasn't sure what he was going to be bringing to the tabletop. In the end I was surprised by a rather unusual Catachan tank detachment. Not at all what I was expecting.

Deployment was along the long sides of the table facing one another. I let Charlie have the first turn as I wanted to know where he was looking to move his horde of tanks and I wasn't 100% confident on where I had placed my blip tokens. I had deployed my vengeance weapon platforms on either side of my side of the table to cover whichever way Charlie came at me but he was focused on one side of the table only. Charlie did put firepower into one of my weapon platforms reducing it down a little bit. I lost a handful of models as well but not as badly as I first feared.

On my turn I was able to take out one hellhound by a mixture of shooting and ramming it with my rockgrinder. A few wounds where taken off a couple of his tanks but I didn't have the means to much more than that. This turn I wasn't in a position to move forwards either which didn't help. Like most of my recent games I have been forced to remain locked largely in my own deployment zone.

The next couple turns were largely the same with Charlie blasting my weapon platforms into dust and just burning out my troops from their positions. When I did bring my hybrids and genestealers in I was able to finally do something. The hybrids just drew fire but the genestealers and patriarch tore through a couple of tanks before they inevitably went down to massed firepower.

I think by turn 4 I had been decimated to the point of not being able to continue so the survivours fled back into the sewers and I conceded the match.


First off, apologies for the shortness of this report. It was three weeks ago and I've just had chance to sit down and try to recall it. Had two other games since then and things are a bit fuzzy.

It was a good game and gave me the opportunity to see how I would or wouldn't handle a mechanized list. I guess I knew that I couldn't handle it but the fun came from seeing how well I could do it. I just could not do enough damage nor could I get out of my deployment zone to do anything else.

I'd really like to play a proper Catachan list. One more infantry based though as Charlie's list to me, wasn't all that fluffy. But as everyone else around here plays Cadian regiment I was happy.


Friday, 29 March 2019

Friendly grumbles about GSC

I'm really not having a lot of luck with my Genestealer Cult. It is to be expected though. I'm used to how MEQ armies play, due to finances I only have what I have, and I really need to get my head around how they play. However, I really would have thought that I'd have won one game already since the codex dropped a few weeks ago.

I keep reading about how great GSC are and how they can do all manner of twinky stuff but I'm just not seeing it.

I use Brood Brother squads as my default troop options as I want the heavy weapons - one with lascannon to deal with tanks and one with heavy bolter to mow down the infantry. The problem is that they don't have great saves and are easy to gun down with massed firepower. They never last long.

Genestealers and Acolyte Hybrids are my pop up units but neither are very good. The Genestealers pop up, charge and can usually decimate a unit but then everyone around them turns about and they get cut down by that massed firepower again. Likewise, I tend to use the stratagem that lets a unit pop up 3'' from the enemy with the Acolyte Hybrids so they can pour their hand flamers into them. But I only have five Hybrids and four of them have hand flamers. They do something, and then, they too become targets for enemy fire.

It gets really frustrating that I cannot get this army to deploy and act as a functional force. Obviously I need more units (thanks to my generous club mates, I do now have a Baneblade and Lemun Russ ready to go, and a Atalan Jackels box and Ridgerunner waiting to be built) but until such time as my financial situation improves this is what I am lumbered with.

I feel that I need more infantry but then I am concerned that I'll end up being very static and I want an army that will move about the table capturing objectives and doing something. Genestealers just don't seem worth the effort for what they are and how easily they die. I remember Genestealers being horrendous in previous editions (for Tyranids admittedly) but for GSC they seem like a one shot pony that dies after doing what you wanted it to.

To show you how badly I am doing a few weeks back I played against a CSM army that was two daemon princes, three chaos cultist squads and two summoned daemons (one unit of bloodletters and one unit of pink horrors)... and they tabled me basically. This was an opposing list that I should have just hammered into pink mist and I didn't. We had a great game but boy is it getting frustrating.

I'm throwing this out to you, my audience, what can you suggest that I do to increase my chances of actually winning a game or coming closer to it?

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

The Vigilus campaign update

Our club's Vigilus campaign is going along nice and happy (if you call ducking incoming artillery happy). We're just about this week to complete the third round of the campaign and as I have been lax in posting up since the first round here is where we stand as of today.

We've made two small changes since it started. As the campaign is going to be running for a couple of years at least we have decided that players can play whichever faction they want each game to prevent boredom and it keep it interesting. We've also decided that rather than reward for just playing the suggested scenarios each round, that the 16/6 victory points will apply regardless of which mission is played.

Total Control:

326 campaign points - Imperium.
142 campaign points - Orks.
100 campaign points - Drukhari.
97 campaign points - Tyranids.
43 campaign points - Aeldari.
36 campaign points - Chaos.
22 campaign points - Tau Empire
22 campaign points - Necrons.

Round 3 (March 4th to April 1st).
Unwilling to sit back and watch their plans for Vigilus to come to naught, the Genestealer Cult rises up across the surface of the planet. Espionage and acts of terrorism force the Hivesprawls to close their borders and look to their own defences.

By the end of the third month the Imperium was in a much superior position than it had been in since the start of the conflict. The arrival of Aeldari forces and the approach of a Tyranid fleet assaulting the outer worlds however, have given the Imperial commanders pause for concern.

110 points: Imperium.
32 points: Aeldari.
24 points: Tyranids.
22 points: Necrons.
16 points: Chaos
12 points: Drukhari.
6 points: Orks.

Round 2 (February 4th to March 4th 2019):
Orks and other Xenos forces fall upon the vital supply convoys that run between the great hive cities, stealing resources and slaves. The Astra Militarum respond swiftly, engaging in running tank battles.
Meanwhile the Drukhari take the chaos of the sudden war to engage in slave raids and to sow confusion among the various combatants.

By the end of the second month the Imperium had begun to seriously fight back, seizing victory in a number of key sectors. The Ork and Drukhari menace were the biggest threats that the planetary defenders had to deal with and their numbers were growing. At the close of the month, rumours began to emerge about sightings of Aeldari forces in the wastelands, and it would lead the defenders to worry whether they were unexpected allies or another opponent to be slain.

1st place: Imperium.
2nd place: Orks and Drukhari
3rd place: Tyranids.
4th place: Tau
5th place: Chaos.
6th place: Aeldari.

Round 1 (January 7th to February 4th 2019):
In round 1, the mighty Ork forces make planetfall on Vigilus and immediately begin to assault the nearest hive cities. The Imperial defenders fall to political infighting in their futile attempts to organize a hasty defence.

By the end of the first month, the Imperial forces had turned their in-fighting around and were concentrating all firepower upon the alien aggressors arrayed before them. The Orks had secured a number of vital locations, constructed scrap towns and seized vital supply points. The emerging Genestealer Cult, Drukhari raiders and Chaos presences were for the moment largely ignored and underestimated however.

1st place:  Imperium.
2nd place: Orks.
3rd place: Tyranids.
4th place: Drukhari.
5th place: Chaos and Tau Empire.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Convoy Ambush - Vigilus

Imperial strategy was at present winning them the war for Vigilus. Their enemies although many had been forced into defensive positions. Even so, they suffered frequent and devastating assaults by Orks and Drukhari, and with the Genestealer Cults rising from the shadows, it was decided that the various hive city leaders should be brought together and protected. The Genestealer Cult had expected and prepared for just such a move...

1300 points.
Genestealer Cult (Twisted Helix) vs Space Marines (Salamanders).
Mission: Behead the Viper.
Deployment: Special.
Battle Zone: None. 

I had not played against Alex and his Salamanders for probably the better part of a year so a rematch was long overdue. Back then I was playing Death Guard and this time around I knew I was going to get a pasting. Alex wanted to play Behead the Viper from the first Vigilus book and we agreed it made sense for my Genestealer Cult to be the attacking force looking to capture and infect some high ranking politicians.

I pretty much had what I had but I did make one small error which was to not read exactly how things set up and I included my vengeance weapon platforms but we agreed that they should be set up as part of the terrain so Alex knew where they where. Didn't really make too much difference though to the game.

Alex set up his forces at opposite corners of the board. One lot of marines guarding the entrance to the hive city and the other escorting a rhino with the dignitaries on board. I tried to set up using the blips as normal but it didn't really help with this mission if I'm honest. He knew where things were going to be and was prepared for them.

In fact it went really badly for me as his primaris marines just burnt down one brood brothers squad and shortly after, the second. I was able to swiftly immobilize the rhino meaning he couldn't get it to safety so I had high hopes even with the casualties. Alex barely had to move his marines as everything I had was in range of something and he even burnt down the two vengeance platforms with a mixture of heavy weapons and plasma incinerators.

When my reserves arrived they didn't do much. The hybrids popped up a few inches from his scouts using a stratgem and flamed all but one down, which then died in combat. But return fire decimated that unit. The genestealers didn't fare much better. They did their job taking down a lot of primaris marines and two characters, and were closest to the disabled rhino but their weakness to massed firepower reduced them all down.

The game ended turn 4 if I remember right with my army tabled once again. It was a fun game even though I think my army was absolutely terrible this game. Only the genestealers and the patriarch did anything worthwhile. Alex's army was really good and more than capable of stopping me.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Unexpected Assault - Vigilus

To start with, the Genestealer Cult began to work on the assumption that the various warring factions would not notice their presence, or at the very least, be more occupied with their more "traditional" enemies to worry about a few minor uprisings which could be left to the local Arbites to deal with. With this in mind, the Cult went about it's usual sabotage attempts away from the front lines and it was here that they came into conflict with a foe totally unexpected. Somehow, a small force of chaos cultists had made planet fall under the confusion of battle, led by a pair of mighty daemon princes associated with the Word Bearers legion of traitor marines. These two forces clashed in the hinterlands beyond the hive cities while both sides were hunting down stragglers and isolated enemy units.

1000 points.
Genestealer Cult (Twisted Helix) vs Chaos Space Marines (Word Bearers).
Mission: No Mercy.
Deployment: Dawn of War.
Battle Zone: None.

I haven't played against Marko for a good while now so we were overdue for a match. I figured a nice small game was in order and so we went for one of the rule book missions over a campaign round one. I also wanted to learn a bit more about my new codex so this made sense too.

Marko decided to play a Word Bearers army although what he actually brought to the table was more a mass of cultists, possessed, a pair of daemon princes and two large blocks of summonable daemons. Not really what I would have called a Word Bearers army but hey, it was different so good to face.

The first couple of turns went really quickly. Marko had summoned his daemons - bloodletters and horrors, and used those as his main shock troops - while the cultists basically sat back and did very little. I began by moving up my rockgrinder towards the bloodletters in hopes of burning a number of them down and then running a few over. This didn't really work as I rolled low on the flamer and once in combat, I was being whittled away far too nicely by the daemons. In the end I was forced to use a stratagem to auto detonate the rockgrinder which did thankfully sent a number of bloodletters back to the Warp.

Meanwhile on the left flank, the horrors were pouring psychic warpfire into my troops and completely obliterated one unit in a single shooting phase! In retaliation I popped up my hybrids behind his lines and tried to flame down a load of cultists but only about 3 actually died. As happens in every game lately, the hybrids then died to massed firepower.

Eventually Marko claimed the center of the table and was able to slowly take down my new cult Leman Russ tank, which also did very little this game. The one time it managed to do any damage, Marko managed to get them back with a stratagem and drop them behind my lines.

The game was eventually a bloodbath as my genestealers appeared and tore his army to shreds. The Patriarch charged and slew one daemon prince and the primus took down the second before dealing with the possessed with ease. The remaining bloodletters were taken down by the genestealers before they too died to cultist fire.

By turn 5 I had next to nothing left and Marko was on nearly twice as many victory points as I was. He swiftly took down what I had left with massed small arms fire. Not much I could do.


So other than Marko's strange choice of playing a CSM list that was pretty much empty of chaos space marines... this was a good game. It went to show that you can have just as much fun with a basic 1000 point game as one with 2000 points or more.

I think I would have preferred to face a full CSM Word Bearers list as I would like to face more fluffy specific lists so hopefully next time I can convince him to do so.


Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Outpost 772 - Vigilus

This battle was a skirmish between the invading Ork forces and a small gathering of Genestealer Cultists. The Orks had mobilized and begun a major assault upon the megasprawls of Vigilus. One such target would finally bring the Genestealer Cults out into the open - that of mining outpost 772. The Cult could no longer wait out the war in the shadows, but had been forced to rise up and combat the invaders.

1300 points.
Genestealer Cult (Twisted Helix) vs Orks (Evil Sunz).
Mission: Special.
Deployment: Special.
Battle Zone: None.

This game was my first go at using 40K's Dawn of War cards. The game was supposed to be a regular battle against friend Multch but in the end we decided to try out the strange randomness of these cards. We ended up with a mission resembling The Relic and the deployment was an odd opposed T-shape, with one player (myself) taking a 24'' block on one short edge and my opponent slab in from the far end. This gave the Orks a close start to the objective at the center but there was no way that I was going to survive that deployment.

I had the first turn and while most of my forces stayed put, I advanced one brood brother squad up my right flank in hopes of getting to the objective, while the rockgrinder trundled forward on my left flank to clear some space with the flamer. I didn't get much shooting done but I was able to burn down and shoot out a unit of grots who were being used, with a stratagem, as meat shields.

On the Orks first turn Multch performed his usual trick of acting Da Jump, to teleport a huge block of boyz into my back lines. His main force snatched the objective and then over the next few turns, much to both our surprise, he moved those boyz into my own deployment zone. Those greenskins weren't go to give up on a good fight. The orks didn't have a great shooting phase although they did tend to target the rockgrinder (which kept making those sturdy construction rolls) and the vengeance weapon platforms, although they didn't take too much damage.

Turn two, and I was on the defensive far sooner than I had expected to be, although I should have expected Da Jump if I'm honest. On my right flank the brood brothers moved up so that I had a good line of sight to the enemy weirdboy. A hail of heavy bolter and lasgun fire swiftly brought him down before he could do anything else unnatural. Elsewhere my shooting continued to follow my usual path, with hardly any damage inflicted. I also managed to pop up the hybrid squad from hidden tunnels and using their hand flamers, burn down a few orks. Also, as usual, they get gunned down right afterwards!

As the game progressed I found my poor cult being surrounded with no way out. Orks may not be the best shots but sheer weight of firepower was swiftly dropping my forces. The weapon platforms soon went bang and Multch brought his one and only deffkopter on along my right flank, where with a mixture of rocket fire and assault, it took down the heavy bolter team with ease.

I soon saw a chance to seize victory. Because the Dawn of War cards are different to regular missions, I saw an opportunity to grab the relic and run, because nothing in the cards says that the model with the relic has to stay on the table. If my plan worked, I could get the Primus onto the relic and then retreat into the shadows with a stratagem. Unfortunately although the genestealers got into combat with the orks, both the Patriarch and Primus failed their charges and before I could get in the following turn, Multch moved his big tank (I forget what it was called) in the way to deny me my victory, and he then proceeded to gun down the last of my forces.


A very good game and it was nice to play the Dawn of War cards, although I think I do prefer the regular missions. I had a hard time dealing with the Orks and I think horde armies are going to be a problem for the Genestealer Cult. I don't think the army has much that can handle that. Even Genestealers, although awesome if they get the charge die far too easily once their target has been brought down. It was good practice for the next time I have to face them.


++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Tyranids - Genestealer Cults) [61 PL, 7CP, 1040pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Battle-forged CP [3CP]

Cult Creed: The Twisted Helix

Detachment CP [5CP]

Gametype: Matched


Stratagem: Broodcoven [-1CP]

Use Beta Rules

+ HQ +

Magus [5 PL, 92pts]: Broodcoven Magus, Familiar, Power: Mind Control, Warlord Trait: Shadow Stalker

Patriarch [8 PL, 137pts]: Elixir of the Prime Specimen, Familiar, Power: Might From Beyond, Warlord, Warlord Trait: Biomorph Adaptation

Primus [4 PL, 75pts]: Bonesword, Broodcoven Primus, Warlord Trait: Alien Majesty

+ Troops +

Acolyte Hybrids [3 PL, 66pts]: Cult Icon
3x Acolyte Hybrid (Hand Flamer): 3x Hand Flamer
Acolyte Hybrid (Heavy Weapon): Hand Flamer, Heavy Rock Cutter
Acolyte Leader: Lash Whip and Bonesword

Brood Brothers Infantry Squad [5 PL, 72pts]: Brood Brothers Leader
6x Brood Brother
Brood Brother (Grenade): Grenade Launcher
Brood Brother (Vox-caster): Cult Vox-caster
Brood Brothers Weapons Team: Lascannon

Brood Brothers Infantry Squad [5 PL, 63pts]: Brood Brothers Leader
6x Brood Brother
Brood Brother (Flamer): Flamer
Brood Brother (Vox-caster): Cult Vox-caster
Brood Brothers Weapons Team: Heavy Bolter

+ Elites +

Purestrain Genestealers [16 PL, 240pts]: 16x Purestrain Genestealer

+ Heavy Support +

Cult Leman Russ [9 PL, 175pts]: 2x Heavy Bolter, Battle Cannon, Dozer Blade, Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter

Goliath Rockgrinder [6 PL, 120pts]: Cache of Demolition Charges, Clearance Incinerator, Heavy Stubber

++ Fortification Network (Tyranids - Genestealer Cults) [12 PL, 200pts] ++

+ Fortification +

Vengeance Weapon Batteries [12 PL, 200pts]
Vengeance Weapon Battery: Punisher Gatling Cannon
Vengeance Weapon Battery: Punisher Gatling Cannon

Monday, 25 February 2019

Battle for Bulkan Ridge - Vigilus

The Bulkan Ridge campaign was waged by Imperial forces in an attempt to regain territory captured by the xenos forces assaulting Vigilus. The actual battle for Bulkan Ridge was led by a small force of space marines from the Blood Ravens chapter. Where they came expecting Orks they instead found themselves facing another gathering of Genestealer Cultists.

1300 points.
Genestealer Cult (Twisted Helix) vs Space Marines (Blood Ravens).
Mission: Retrieval Mission.
Deployment: Search & Destroy.
Battle Zone: None.

This is my first game with the new Genestealer Cult codex. When my opponent for the evening had to cancel, Jamie stepped up to be my first victim. Among his list of armies I noticed he had a Blood Ravens force. As I had never expected to get the chance to play against I jumped at the chance. Jamie was playing his space marines with the Ultramarines chapter tactics as being the most generic.

We decided that rather than play one of the narrative missions for round 2 of our Vigilus campaign, we would play a regular mission from the rule book. We rolled the Search & Destroy deployment and Jamie picked his corner of the table. With such a small area to deployment I felt that the blip tokens style deployment for my new codex was rather unhelpful. I had the option to take the first turn but I decided not to and handed that honour to my opponent. I think this was a surprise for Jamie and he said he wasn't sure how to handle that. There was no special reason for my decision other than I wanted to see what his space marines would do and not to put myself too much in the line of fire.

The first turn was relatively quick. Jamie did move a his units out a little bit as he was concerned for my ability to pop up near his lines. As he couldn't see much of my units, his heavy weapon fire was directed at my bastion and the vengeance weapon batteries, knocking some wounds off of those. I held one objective and was close enough to attempt to grab a second one with a brood brother squad. This ultimately led to a show down with a hidden group of scouts, who did not survive long with my enhanced genetic modifications (Twisted Helix cult trait).

The Blood Ravens then dispatched a dreadnought down my right flank which caused me no end of trouble. I just could not inflict enough damage to it. In the end I had to ram my rockgrinder into it and use a stratagem to detonate the cache of explosives on board but all it did was inflict a single mortal wound. I also second a second stratagem to have my hybrids clamber from the desert sands 3 inches away from one small squad of Blood Ravens and open fire with hand flamers - figured I'd see how that tactic worked - and I did drop two of the space marines but in return they gunned down my hybrids with ease.

As I wanted to keep Jamie's marines away, I brought my genestealers, patriarch and primus in on my left flank close to my deployment zone. They were very effective in dispatching terminators, a tactical squad and sternguard. The new codex has certainly boosted by patriarch something impressive. Unfortunately in doing so, I lost the genestealer screen and soon the Patriarch followed, but he had done his job in decimating a lot of the Blood Raven infantry.

Jamie had focused a lot of his firepower on my fortifications and they were soon taken down. By turn four I had been decimated despite how well the genestealers performed/ I was left with the Magus and Patriarch, after my remaining brood brothers squad were burnt alive by the Blood Raven's land speeder. At this point I really don't think I could have done anything so I happily conceded.


This was a very good and enjoyable game. As my first game under the new Genestealer Cults codex, it was much better than what I had experienced using the old Index rules. However, I am finding at first look, that at present I am going to have a hard time dealing with certain armies but I still have a lot to learn with the new codex so maybe next time I'll do better.


++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Tyranids - Genestealer Cults) [52 PL, 7CP, 865pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot [7CP] +

Cult Creed: The Twisted Helix

Stratagem: Broodcoven [-1CP]

+ HQ [17 PL, 304pts] +

Magus [5 PL, 92pts]: Broodcoven Magus, Familiar [12pts], Power: Mind Control, Warlord Trait: Shadow Stalker

Patriarch [8 PL, 137pts]: Elixir of the Prime Specimen, Familiar [12pts], Power: Might From Beyond, Warlord, Warlord Trait: Biomorph Adaptation

Primus [4 PL, 75pts]: Bonesword [3pts], Broodcoven Primus, Warlord Trait: Alien Majesty

+ Troops [13 PL, 201pts] +

Acolyte Hybrids [3 PL, 66pts]: Cult Icon [10pts]
3x Acolyte Hybrid (Hand Flamer) [24pts]: 3x Hand Flamer [3pts]
Acolyte Hybrid (Heavy Weapon) [20pts]: Hand Flamer [1pts], Heavy Rock Cutter [12pts]
Acolyte Leader [12pts]: Lash Whip and Bonesword [5pts]

Brood Brothers Infantry Squad [5 PL, 72pts]: Brood Brothers Leader [4pts]
6x Brood Brother [24pts]
Brood Brother (Grenade) [7pts]: Grenade Launcher [3pts]
Brood Brother (Vox-caster) [9pts]: Cult Vox-caster [5pts]
Brood Brothers Weapons Team [28pts]: Lascannon [20pts]

Brood Brothers Infantry Squad [5 PL, 63pts]: Brood Brothers Leader [4pts]
6x Brood Brother [24pts]
Brood Brother (Flamer) [10pts]: Flamer [6pts]
Brood Brother (Vox-caster) [9pts]: Cult Vox-caster [5pts]
Brood Brothers Weapons Team [16pts]: Heavy Bolter [8pts]

+ Elites [16 PL, 240pts] +

Purestrain Genestealers [16 PL, 240pts]: 16x Purestrain Genestealer [240pts]

+ Heavy Support [6 PL, 120pts] +

Goliath Rockgrinder [6 PL, 120pts]: Cache of Demolition Charges [10pts], Clearance Incinerator [30pts], Heavy Stubber [2pts]

++ Fortification Network (Tyranids - Genestealer Cults) [22 PL, 422pts] ++

+ Fortification [22 PL, 422pts] +

Imperial Bastion [10 PL, 222pts]: 4x Heavy bolter [32pts], Quad-gun [30pts]

Vengeance Weapon Batteries [12 PL, 200pts]
Vengeance Weapon Battery [100pts]: Punisher Gatling Cannon [20pts]
Vengeance Weapon Battery [100pts]: Punisher Gatling Cannon [20pts]

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