Friday 29 April 2016

Pursuit across the Badlands - Caseopeia

Planet: Caseopeia.
Region: Cadian Sector.

Death Guard vs Eldar Corsairs.
Mission: ???.

Having been forced out of the mining colonies and into the rugged sun blasted badlands, the Death Guard found themselves hounded by the Eldar pirates. It fell to the sorcerer Cholic, who had thus far earned Typhus' disfavour, to keep the Eldar occupied while the remaining plague marines made for safety.
Cholic's attempts to halt the Xenos pursuit was short lived. The plague marines suffered terrible losses and the sorcerer barely escaped with his life.

This was a revenge match against Richard and his Eldar Corsair army. Neither of us changed our lists and we simply played a kill point mission if I remember it correctly. If he did make any chances it was probably to add an extra Vyper to the roster as I remember him zooming about here there and everywhere making it very difficult to deal with his army.

As with the previous game against the Corsairs, it was their maneuverability and their long range firepower that proved to be my downfall. They took down my Predator first and then just kept hammering fire into my plague marines. The amount of firepower that it takes to destroy a plague marine squad is impressive but he seemed able to do it very well.

Much like the previous game it was very one sided. I had no doubts that he was going to tear my army apart but sometimes even though I enjoy the games I wish I had a better chance of dealing with certain armies. Eldar, Dark Eldar and Corsairs are the bane of my Death Guard. It is something that I hope to be able to deal with as my collection grows but for now it is quite frustrating.

Thursday 21 April 2016

Civil War - Cadia

Planet: Cadia.
Region: Cadian Sector.

Death Guard vs Death Guard.
Mission: ?

During the war for Cadia a rival champion of Nurgle decided that this was the perfect opportunity to claim power for himself. He led his personal war band against Typhus himself! If he could defeat the Traveler then Nurgle would have to raise him in return but Nurgle is not so easily manipulated.

So this was an interested game against Ashleigh who brought a fellow Death Guard army to face mine. His was was somewhat different as he also included a large force of plague zombies and some raptors.

I forget the mission but I think it was a simple kill point mission. We deployed across table from one another but most of the fighting took place to one side of the table where his plague zombies seemed almost unkillable. I had such trouble dropping them when they shouldn't have been a problem. Oddly, however, the Raptors were not a problem. I was able to slaughter the lot in close combat. Another game where my feel no pain rolls were just awesome.

My sorcerer began his useless streak with this game. Although he can summon Plague Bearers he has started rolling perils of the warp almost every time I try a psychic power. He halved his wounds just by summoning the daemons. He soon died in close combat when an opposing champion challenged him to single combat. I had no chance but he was going to die anyway.

Ashleigh is a good opponent but I really thought I'd do better than I did in this game. I can't pin down why exactly I failed but my Death Guard failed to live up to their potential here.

Corsair Raid - Caseopeia

Planet: Caseopeia.
Region: Cadian Sector.

Death Guard vs Eldar Corsairs.
Mission: Purge the Alien.

Moving ever closer to Cadia itself, Typhus leads his war band against the Imperial mining and munitions world of Caseopeia. Rather than follow his usual plans of seeding the atmosphere with flesh eating bacteria, Typhus simply deployed his ground troops and assaulted the mining colonies.

One such colony received unexpected aid in the form of an Eldar corsair raiding party. Whether these were allies of Maugan Ra and the Craftworld Altansar was unknown but would explain their presence. The Raiders fought to to drive the Death Guard back into the barren wastes of the planet rather than for conquest or glory.

So this was a game played against my friend Richard who had decided to pick up a Corsair army from one of the Forge World books and he wanted a friendly opponent for his match with the army. He had to proxy a few models for this one but that's fine. I hadn't seen this army played for a few years so I was not really aware of what could be arrayed against me and I don't quite remember what units he had just that they were mostly skimmers with long range fire and some cool warp gate toys.

My list was fairly basic as I recall being my usual but substituting a sorcerer for Typhus so I could try and get some plague bearers summoned, not that they did me much good. I just did not have the units to handle this battle. Long range fire has always been my weakness with what I currently have to field. Also, any time I did get close they simply flew away and blasted me.

It was still a very good game, although one sided. I had a good fun playing against it mainly because it was something we don't see at out club very often. Richard always provides a good game as well.

Apologies I don't have much to say about this one but it was a few months ago and I don't remember much of it now. However, we had a rematch a few weeks later which I have to write up.

War in the East - D'Then

Planet: D'Then.
Region: Perdus Rift.

Death Guard vs Tau Empire.
1500 points.
Mission: Crusade.

In the years before Typhus sided with Abaddon in his 13th Black Crusade, the Traveller engaged in a war with the Tau forces on the edge of known space. The colony world of D'Then was the primary target. From here the chaos space marines could launch raids into surrounding systems carving out a small empire away from the Eye of Terror.

The war began with biological warfare followed by heavy ground combat as the Death Guard slowly pushed into the Tau colonies. This engagement came about as the Death Guard scoured the dead for salvageable equipment and munitions. The Tau launched an attack to catch Typhus unawares and end the war before it really started.

This is the first game of an attempt to play all the missions currently in 40K. The first game was against my friend Adam who normally plays Farsight Enclave but this evening chose to play a regular Tau army but other than two fire warrior squads decided to go all battle suits and crisis suits. I think he expected to easily blast me apart with mass firepower but I pretty much made all my feel no pain rolls which kept me alive through the game. 

It was a objective mission, three in play, and I was sat on two of them almost from the start of the game meaning that I didn't have to move and he had to come forward. The high point of the game was Typhus charging into a Ghostkeel, dodging all the attacks (it missed with all of them) and then hitting back with 8 successful attacks! Typhus made his contribution that day! 

I won I think more because Adam forgot that it was an objective mission and he was going for the kill. Perhaps things would have gone different had be focusing on removing me from the objectives rather than just killing units.

I only made one small mistake in that game and that was not noticing that Typhus cannot summon daemons (must be Lore of Nurgle only!)

My list was something like:

10 man chaos space marine squad with mark of nurgle.
10 man plague marine squad with two meltaguns.
10 man plague marine squad with two meltaguns.
5 man chaos terminator squad.
Chaos Predator with twin-linked lacannon and two heavy bolter sponsons.
Helbrute with multimelta.


Apologies for the lack of entries over the last few months. I started a new job in October which had awkward shifts so not much time for gaming unfortunately. But that has changed now and I've had a few games to add.

I've also added some new bits to my army, including a chaos predator and two defence turrets with autocannons. Still have a nice few boxes to open, build and paint though.

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