Monday 27 November 2017

Codex Review: Death Guard

It has taken me quite some time to post this up as quite frankly I find reviewing anything really difficult. But now I have had enough time to play most of what is in there, and although I am still missing a few units, I feel I can do some basic thoughts on the army.

First things first. This is a very different army now to the Nurgle chaos space marines that we are used to. With only a couple exceptions the Death Guard have entirely new toys to throw into battle. I still moan about the lack of a Nurgle heldrake but I can understand that Games Workshop were trying to make Death Guard a very different animal to other chaos marine armies.

The big thing about 8th is that every army has a specific way of doing things, whether it be re-rolls, a focus on stratagems or what have you. For the Death Guard you are looking at throwing out mortal wounds to units that get far too close to you. The psychic phase is full of mortal wounds goodness, plague weapons reroll 1's to wound and the proximity of a lord of contagion ensures that someone in the enemy unit is going to corrupt and rot away before your eyes. Disgustingly Resilient - aka the old Feel No Pain - is used to keep your expensive units alive just a little bit longer. These two abilities are what make the army work.

HQ options.

Chaos Lord and Sorcerer.
These two are a complete waste of time in this codex. The lord does the reroll of 1's to hit but the army is built around ensuring that mortal wounds go off. I could see a possible combo between the lord and anything that gives the reroll to wounds but that does not compare to the big disadvantage that it and the sorcerer have - no disgusting resilience. Without that ability they are too easily dropped by the enemy. The sorcerer also seems somewhat irrelevant when you have the plaguecaster.

Daemon Prince of Nurgle.
The daemon prince seems like a replacement for the chaos lord and sorcerer giving both the rerolls of 1 to hit and having some psychic potential, in addition to having DR. I haven't used one thus far simply because I prefer to use Typhus. I might be tempted to field him in a low point game just to give me a step up on my opponent.

Typhus is the go to character in this codex. Even if you don't field poxwalkers (and why aren't you?) his array of special rules make him arguably the best HQ option available to you in this codex. Typhus has done me proud in every game that I have played with him.

Lord of Contagion.
These are like lesser not so good versions of Typhus. No psychic ability and only the basic Nurgle character special abilities. They are still good but if you have Typhus he is a better choice.

Malignant Plaguecaster.
This character is your replacement for the sorcerer and is the obvious choice over that choice. The reason you take it is because DR and a rather nice power that throws out mortal wounds every time it manifests a psychic power with a roll of 7 or higher. Why would you take the basic sorcerer?


Plague Marines.
These are your basic troop option as you have no default chaos space marines. They are a little expensive but you have a multitude of potential options with this codex including some nice new melee plague weapons. Also nice is that by having DR you don't need to field the traditional ten man squads and In fact I have done well taking just seven plague marines!

Chaos Cultists.
I know that many do not like cultists but I have found having one reasonable sized squad is very handy. Mainly because if you have an objective based mission you can drop a unit of these on it at the start of the game and leave them. Secondly they are cheap enough that you can throw them at the enemy and if they waste their shooting on the cultists then your better units are being left alone.

The new plague zombies. You can take these as a troop choice but they are much better if you include Typhus as their leader as he boosts them slightly and possibly again with the right psychic ability. Max size squads are the way to go and it is a shame that you can't start with thirty! The best thing is that their Curse of the Walking Pox ability will, if you are lucky, allow you to go over that starting score.

Nice to have Nurgle daemons included in the codex but it does feel like Games Workshop have let us down a bit here. Plaguebearers do not have the Death Guard keyword meaning you cannot include them without losing your battle forged status. You have to summon them which under 8th edition is a waste of time.
The unit itself is nice and I have taken them as an allied detachment where they have done reasonably well. They are as strong and tough as a space marine so you can't argue should you be able to get them into combat.

I guess that these were included for those players wanting to summon but I find them a waste of space at least on paper. I could see perhaps using their mischief ability being used to draw enemy fire at the start of the game but I doubt I would ever use them in a Death Guard force as there are far better options.


Noxious Blightbringer.
An interesting new character type. The Blightbringer walks alone ringing his giant bell causing psychic pestilence to all who hear it. I've only played this option once or twice but both times it proved it's worth but you have to know how to use it. It's ability works well when supporting a plague marine icon bearer for instance.

Foul Blightspawn.
Another elite character but one that is perhaps not so good. It's role seems to be to boost a single Death Guard character grenade thrower which isn't worth the effort. It's plague spewer weapon is nice but again not worth taking for just a single character.
Edit: 22/02/18 - I take this back. After watching this unit used a couple times in games (not mine) I have seriously undervalued this character.

Biologus Putrifier.
A much better character option than the Blightspawn. This one boosts all nearby grenade throwers and in conjunction with the stratagem which allows a whole unit to throw them in overwatch could be quite nasty. Still not a great option but an okay one.

Plague Surgeon.
The Plague Surgeon is basically a Death Guard apothecary boosting nearby DR rolls. He is the sort of Elite option that you could do with a couple off to help keep your units going but you have to decide whether or there are better options. I'm thinking that having two in the collection to boost plague marines could be viable in the right size game.

The Tallyman is yet another elite character but one which if you are lucky can regenerate your just spent command point. The problem is that you need to roll exactly 7 on 2D6 which despite being an average roll is not guaranteed enough to be fully worth it. It's the sort of option I would include one of just to try and it though.

Deathshroud Terminators.
Now we are talking about the cool Elite options. The Deathshroud's are a must have if you include Mortarion in your army as they are going to be your main, if not only, way of ensuring that he survives long enough to get into the enemy. They are expensive but worth it. You can also use them to safeguard your other HQ characters but their best use to is to keep the Primarch alive.

Blightlord Terminators.
These are the Death Guard version of regular chaos terminators. They are not too dissimilar and on paper certainly look worthwhile. Probably one of the better options in the Death Guard elites section and I would consider them over the characters above.

The Helbrute is certainly one of the more useful options in an army that doesn't really get too much in the way of anti-vehicle options. Every army needs a dreadnought and I would certainly consider fielding multiple in the right list. Even just one is a great option.

Beasts of Nurgle.
Another daemon option that may or may not be worthwhile. When you have terminators and a helbrute do you need these? Even as a unit to be summoned they do not seem worth it for the reasons I mentioned above. I would certainly get a unit for the collection but whether I would bother to field it very often is another matter.

The Possessed are not worth the time and effort in this army. Even as Death Guard they do not receive the benefits of DR, something everything in your army is built around. Make them Toughness 5 and have DR, then you would have a unit that would be see play. For now though they are best forgotten.

Fast Attack.

Foetid Bloat Drone.
Although I have three of these thus far I have not been able to field more than one in a single game but I really like them. In assault they are not all that but you don't field them for that. You want them for the plaguespitters. Fire, charge, leap of combat and fire again. It is a nice tactic and I've found that it makes the inclusion of at least one to be worthwhile.

Myphitic Blight-Haulers.
These are an odd choice. They are a fast attack option but it seems to me that they are your heavy weapon support units. At this time Games Workshop haven't released any models for them but I am definitely interested in adding these to my army. I think they you are going to want to field a full three of them to make them worthwhile. That they also provide cover save bonuses to Death Guard units nearby means they make great plague marine support platforms.

Chaos Spawn.
I'm in two minds about Chaos Spawn in a Death Guard army. Read the entry and they look quite good. But like Possessed and the basic chaos lord/sorcerer they don't come with Disgustingly Resilience which gives me pause. Everything in this army which isn't a vehicle should come with this ability. The lack of it makes me think again that there are better options although in case I might consider building a single unit of them.

Plague Drones.
Plague Drones are the daemon entry for the fast attack slot. For the fluff reasons I like these but they don't look good enough to include in a Death Guard army. They are a daemon unit which means you have to summon them or take a daemon detachment. Neither of which strike me as good options. That they don't do enough damage is something else that turns me off of them.

Heavy Support.

Chaos Land Raider.
The Land Raider has become a lot more expensive under this edition which has prohibited my using it. It is a very tough unit now and well worth including if you can find the points for it.

Plagueburst Crawler.
This at first glance appears to be the replacement for the vindicator. It could do that job very well. Due to it's lower Ballistic Skill (only a 4+ to start with) I would consider taking multiple of them to ensure that you get the best use of it. The Crawler is one of the new units that I would seriously consider worth fielding in the right mission.

In previous editions the Defiler was a complete waste of space. 8th edition has breathed new life into it. It can put out a lot of damage at range and if you take the scourge as a melee weapon it is a real monster in the assault phase. The regenerative ability is fantastic as well meaning that you can keep it in the game a lot longer. Big thumbs up.

Chaos Predator.
The Predator has been a mainstay of my of army of late. Vehicles now survive a lot longer and the ability to split fire makes them very handy. My favourite option is to mix the weapons - lascannon turret with heavy bolter sponsons - giving the unit more versatility in battle.

Chaos Rhino.
Now that vehicles can survive the initial volley of incoming fire the sturdy Rhino is now another worthwhile option that was rather poor in previous editions. It now survives to get the embarked unit to it's destination.

Lord of War.

At long last we get our own daemon primarch and he does not disappoint. The Lantern, his plasma pistol, is not as good as it first appears. His strength lies in close combat. Unwounded, he can achieve an impressive 18 attacks with Silence!  The scythe is fantastic against puny infantry and armoured vehicles both. If there is any weakness to him it is that he can be gunned down far too easily. You need the Deathshroud Terminators to keep him alive long enough to get him into combat. After that Mortarion should literally scythe through your opponent with ease.

Worlds of the Narrative - Susperia

Planet: Susperia.
Segmentum: None.
Sector: Eye of Terror.
System: None.
Surveyed: Never.
Susperia - Daemon World.

It is not known whether the planet Susperia ever dwelt within the material universe. All it has ever known is a life deep in the Warp lit by the glow of an ethereal light. The world may well have been created by the Ruinous Powers for reasons of their own. The truth may not truly ever be known.

Susperia has an intelligence unknowable to the mortal beings that now walk it's fleshy surface and the planet has the power to reshape itself and it's environments at will. It exists to further the will of the chaos gods.

Size: Equatorial distance - 2,200 miles.
Gravity: 1.0G.
Satellites: None.
Population: None.
Orbit: None.
Climate: Varies depending on the planet's will.

Time has no meaning in the Warp. These events could have happened in the past, the present or have yet to happen. At least in comparison to the material universe. The Ruinous Powers often seek to test their servants and contest to see whose are the more worthy. The Chaos Gods have drawn their mighty champions together on the surface of this living world to fight and die in the name of their patron divinity. Which god will prevail? Only time will tell.

Notes: This is the world for narrative games featuring the main forces of Chaos, the daemons, Death Guard, World Eaters, Thousand Sons and Emperor's Children. These forces are all here because much like the Imperium narrative you can't just keep making worlds for specific semi-factions.

Tide of Battle:
World Eaters victories: 1.
Emperor's Children victories: 0.
Thousand Sons victories: 2.
Death Guard victories: 2.
Chaos Daemons victories: 2.

The contest of champions is still ongoing but thus far only the Emperor's Children are losing to the depredations of their rivals. Hopefully the Death Guard will come out ahead.

1. Eternal Night (7th edition).
2. The Red Giant (7th edition).
3. Wager of the Gods (7th edition).
4. Pestilence Prevails.
5. Blood-Dimmed Tide.
6. Revolt!
7. Rain of Warpfire.

Hold The Line - Bludhaven

Planet: Bludhaven.
Region: Seraphon Sector.

Death Guard vs Orks.

Mission: Bunker Assault.
Deployment: Mission specific.
Points: 1750 vs 2000.

This engagement was a major battle at the start of the war. The Orks amassed a vast horde in very little time and threw almost everything they had at the Death Guard fortress line over a 35 mile front. The goal of the greenskins was to destroy the Death Guard command fortress and it was here that the future of the campaign would be decided.

Gary had challenged me to a game against his Orks. Specifically the Blitz mission with his new greenskin army as the obvious choice for attacker. That game is coming but this week we played a practice game using the Bunker Assault mission.

After playing this mission a few months ago against Adam's Tau and how totally one sided it was - the Fortress does not balance out a loss of army points - we agreed that he should have 2000 points of Orks and I would field 1750 of Death Guard plus the fortress. I feel that this way was a much better way of playing the mission.

Gary had the the first turn as per the mission rules. Everything came forwards except for some lootas sitting in a ruined tower on the edge of his deployment zone. They had a good field of fire towards my troops and the fortress. To start with Gary seemed very keen on destroying my predator throwing what fire he could at it. Over the next few turns he would throw everything at it including a unit of rokkit boyz who spent most the game in assault with it but only stripping one or two wounds at a time. If I remember correctly they took four turns to destroy it. But his turn was mostly taken up moving large numbers of boyz forwards into my line of fire.

I barely needed to move anything all game as the Orks were coming to me. I did manage to do some small damage with the fortress and the barrage strike that the mission gave me. The fortress is rather useless though with just BS 5+ and most shots I fired this game simply went off into the distance. My own shooting was a lot more effective and the the start of the game saw my vengeance weapon platforms doing their job reasonably well. But these are Orks and I could not do enough damage.

Once the Orks were close enough my psychic powers came to the fore. Mortal wounds were thrown about which did well. His painboy however was giving them an FNP benefit and he didn't lose anywhere near enough models because of it.

Turn three and we were in brutal combat. Once this became the case my vengeance platforms were useless as they couldn't shoot anything due to the nearest unit being in combat. I need to read certain rules a little bit better in future.

The unit of the match was one of my helbrute trio. It charged into the damaged gorkanaut taking a wound from overwatch. The assault was brutal and left the ork machine hanging together with good thoughts. The helbrute survived the return attack and then entered it's berserk mode for being wounded. The second set of attacks tore the gorkanaut into so much twisted scrap. The helbrutes soon died to a force of killa kans and a deff dread.

Once the orks were in my deployment zone they massacred their way through my plague marines and began to smash away at the base of the fortress. Typhus and the plagucaster both fell in combat. Typhus, at least, I assume gets teleported bask to the Terminus Est before the final blow came down. My cultists were the only unit to come out of that game unscathed for a change.

End of turn five and we had to wrap up the game as we had gone over the time that the venue was open. At this point I won 9 vp to 8vp only because the fortress remained standing. Had the game gone to the final turn 6 it would have fallen and victory would have gone to my opponent.


Bunker Assault is one of those narrative missions that is hard to play for the defender. The bastion or fortress that you effectively get for "free" isn't worth the points for a fair game. It has plenty of weapons but the weak Ballastic Skill means that it isn't going to do anything worthwhile other than be the ultimate target for the enemy.

I certainly enjoyed the mission more this time around than when I played Adam's Tau. It is far too easy a mission for Tau to achieve with their superior weapons.


++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [85 PL, 1549pts] ++
Rules: Plague Weapon

+ HQ +

Malignant Plaguecaster [6 PL, 110pts]: Curse of the Leper, Plague Wind, The Pandemic Staff

Typhus [9 PL, 175pts]: Miasma of Pestilence, Putrescent Vitality

+ Troops +

Chaos Cultists [6 PL, 64pts]
. 13x Chaos Cultist w/ autopistol and brutal assault weapon
. Chaos Cultist w/ special weapon: Heavy stubber
. Cultist Champion: Shotgun

Plague Marines [10 PL, 181pts]: Icon of Despair
. Plague Champion: Plague knife, Plasma gun, Power fist
. 5x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Plague Marines [10 PL, 181pts]: Icon of Despair
. Plague Champion: Plague knife, Plasma gun, Power fist
. 5x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Poxwalkers [3 PL, 60pts]: 10x Poxwalker

+ Elites +

Helbrute [7 PL, 139pts]: Helbrute fist, Multi-melta
Helbrute [7 PL, 139pts]: Helbrute fist, Multi-melta
Helbrute [7 PL, 139pts]: Helbrute fist, Multi-melta

+ Heavy Support +

Chaos Predator [9 PL, 171pts]: Havoc launcher, Twin lascannon
. Two heavy bolters: 2x Heavy bolter

Defiler [11 PL, 190pts]: Combi-flamer, Defiler scourge, Reaper autocannon
. Rules: Combi Weapon

++ Fortification Network (Chaos - Death Guard) [12 PL, 200pts] ++

+ Fortification +

Vengeance Weapon Batteries [12 PL, 200pts]
. Vengeance Weapon Battery: Punisher Gatling Cannon
. Vengeance Weapon Battery: Punisher Gatling Cannon


Deployment at the start of the battle.

A monstrous gorkanaut.

A band of killa kans and a deff dread slaughter my helbrutes.

The man of the match moment!

Friday 17 November 2017

Firesweep - Tethys Ultima

Planet: Tethys Ultima.
Region: Ghoul Stars.
Date: 905.M41

Death Guard vs Necrons.
1500 points.
Mission: Firesweep - Nightfight battle zone.

This was a major battle between the Death Guard and the now awakened Necron dynasty on the world of Tethys Ultima. The two armies fought a series of engagements among the ancient ruins that dotted the surrounding desert. Neither side were prepared to give any ground and as the battle dragged on casualties mounted on both sides.

My first match against the Necrons under 8th. I had actually expected Mark to bring either his Black Legion or Thousand Sons so I was pleasantly surprised to see a host of Necron warriors arrayed against me. He had chosen the Firesweep mission as something different and picked Night Fight as our battlezone. I got the pick of table quarter and Mark set up first. He complete deployment before myself and chose to take the first turn.

Straight off the bat the game was in Mark's hands. He was able to secure a perfect alpha strike. First turn and he obliterated my twenty poxwalkers and the deathshroud terminators that guarded Typhus. My usual good luck with DR rolls had flown out the window and I couldn't save them. This set the tone for the rest of the game. My first turn was spent trying to get closer and taking what shots I could. At this range my psychic phase was unnecessary.

Turn two and we were right on top of one another. Mark continued to pour everything he had into me. I lost a few plague marines, a unit of cultists and me stripped a fair few wounds from my rhino. Come my turn and I could see where the game was going. Both Typhus and my Plaguecaster suffered perils of the warp even with the use of a command point. Typhus almost killed himself doing so. I managed to get into combat though and Typhus cut down many warriors and the bloat drone didn't do to badly either.

Over the next turn and a half Mark tore everything I had down. The game ended turn four with my losing my entire army. Due to reanimation protocols and living metal Mark still had the majority of his army intact. In fact, I think I only managed to take out a single warriors squad. Another frustrating but fun game.


I will be honest. I genuinely thought that a proper 8th edition codex would have no trouble taking out an army still using an Index army list. I was proved wrong much to my surprise. I can remember being frustrated by Necrons under previous editions and if they continue like this I think I will remain being frustrated.

Night fighting played little role in this game for me at least. Mark was so good with his dice rolls that the penalties were ineffective. Mysterious objectives also proved pointless as none of those rolls played a part in the game.


++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [84 PL, 1498pts] ++

+ HQ +

Malignant Plaguecaster [6 PL, 110pts]: Curse of the Leper, Plague Wind, The Pandemic Staff
Typhus [9 PL, 175pts]: Miasma of Pestilence, Putrescent Vitality

+ Troops +

Chaos Cultists [6 PL, 52pts]
. 10x Chaos Cultist w/ autopistol and brutal assault weapon
. Chaos Cultist w/ special weapon: Heavy stubber
. Cultist Champion: Shotgun

Plague Marines [13 PL, 201pts]: Icon of Despair
. Plague Champion: Plaguesword, Plasma gun, Power fist
. 6x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Plague Marines [10 PL, 182pts]: Icon of Despair
. Plague Champion: Plaguesword, Plasma gun, Power fist
. 5x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Poxwalkers [6 PL, 120pts]: 20x Poxwalker

+ Elites +

Deathshroud Terminators [11 PL, 225pts]
. Deathshroud Champion: Manreaper, Plaguespurt gauntlets
. 2x Deathshroud Terminator: 2x Manreaper, 2x Plaguespurt gauntlets

+ Fast Attack +

Foetid Bloat-drone [8 PL, 158pts]: 2x Plaguespitters, Plague probe

+ Heavy Support +

Defiler [11 PL, 190pts]: Combi-flamer, Defiler scourge, Reaper autocannon.

+ Dedicated Transport +

Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 85pts]: Combi-bolter, Combi-bolter, Havoc launcher

Necron warriors advance through the nighttime war zone.

The Necrons hide behind ruined walls and pour fire down upon my plague marines.

Typhus battles the unliving machines.

Center of the battlefield.

Monday 13 November 2017

Mining Colony 45-87 - Caseopeia

Planet: Caseopeia.
Region: Cadian Sector.

Death Guard vs Eldar Corsairs
1500 points:
Mission: Retrieval Mission - Night Fighting battle zone.

This was a major engagement in the war that saw the Death Guard begin to turn the situation around and begin a slow climb to victory over the alien menace.
Mining colony 45-87 fell to the Death Guard without a shot being fired. The colonists simply opened the gates and knelt down hoping for a hint of mercy. 
As night fell the pursuing Corsairs roared into the colony firing into the plague marines. The plaguecasters took actions that would see them executed by Typhus when the dawn came. They pooled their sorcery and sacrificed the colonies, rotting them alive in glory to Nurgle... and summoned forth their lord and master, Mortarion to lead them in battle!

My first game against the Eldar Corsairs under 8th. Previously Dan had crushed me every time we played so hopefully under 8th I'd have a better chance. I expected Dan to bring one of his big tanks and loads of jet bikes. As we were playing with the night fight rules I figured I could get into combat and maybe deal enough damage to blunt his usual advance. I also decided that since I had recently bought and build Mortarion for my birthday that I should give him some limelight on the table. I felt a bit of a dick for doing so but in fairness I was egged on to do so by Dan's cousin! What can I say.

We rolled the awful corner deployment and as I was able to fit a three units in reserve I got a better view of where Dan was placing his models. I was lucky enough to get a large ruin to cover Mortarion at the start of the game. Dan attempted to seize the initiative but failed. This gave me the opportunity that I wanted. The plague marine squad deployed in the rhino sped off towards the objective on my left flank. The plague marine squad advanced forth to get close to a second. My cultists already held one so stayed put. Mortarion advanced flying across the ruins and was soon surrounded by his deathshroud bodyguards. The psychic phase was rather wasted as nothing was in range for Smite. The objective that my cultists held turned out to be a support weapon and it killed one of his jetbike characters. Sadly not his warlord though.

Dan made an odd play. He threw everything he had towards the right hand side where Mortarion was. He seemed to forget that the mission was about holding objectives. If that was what he wanted to do then who was I to argue? He threw so much firepower into Mortarion and the deathshroud's jumped in the way. Unfortunately I lost two of the three where I had hoped that they would survive a lot better.  In future take six! His warriors grabbed the objective that my footslogging plague marines were after and he also had a support weapon. I thought he would throw it at Mortarion but instead he dropped it on my plague marines and killed two!

Turn two and my plague marines had grabbed the objective on the left flank. Mortarion moved into a better position, ready to assault the corsair warriors. Smite was handy here but didn't do as much as I had wanted. My shooting was ineffective this turn and the dice were against me as I tried to assault the enemy. Mortarion failed to get into combat even with a re-roll.

Come Dan's turn and his continued firing took my last deathshroud and a couple wounds from Mortarion but my dice started to kick back into gear. Once more I was making far too many disgustingly resilient rolls! Dan's face was a picture of shock and horror every time!  Once Mortatrion hit combat on turn three he was a monster! One set of attacks took out seventeen corsair warriors! Then I did start to feel bad for Dan. My lords of contaigon had come down this turn via teleport. One dropped down to assist the combat and the other I had originally planned to drop down behind of Dan's big tanks. Instead having noticed that the fourth objective was unguarded I decided to forgo that and grab that last prize.

From there on Mortarion sweep through everything Dan had left. To his credit Dan did deal enough damage to drop Mortarion down to six wounds despite how great my DR rolls were throughout the last half of the game. End of turn five and I had succeeded in wiping out every single model Dan had brought to the table. I had 14 victory points to my opponent's 1 (first blood).


An enjoyable game though maybe not so much for Dan, although I think he had fun as well. I have since offered to play again, same mission and battle zone, but without Mortarion.

Nightfight played very little into this game. I did think that it would impact his shooting at me for the first turn or two but we ended up so close to one another right away that it made little difference.

I do think that Dan was going to lose that game regardless. He wasn't prepared to face a Primarch although his Corsair army needs to be updated rather than just be an Index entry. However saying that, I did think that hen focused too much on bringing down Mortarion. Had he thrown enough at the big bad to keep him occupied he could very well have come close to a draw if not winning just on objective points. Lords of War are nasty but if you largely ignore them and get on with the mission they aren't such a problem. At least not in my experience/


++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [55 PL, 1009pts] ++

+ HQ +

Lord of Contagion [7 PL, 137pts]: Manreaper
Lord of Contagion [7 PL, 137pts]: Manreaper

+ Troops +

Chaos Cultists [6 PL, 72pts]
. 15x Chaos Cultist w/ autopistol and brutal assault weapon
. Chaos Cultist w/ special weapon: Heavy stubber
. Cultist Champion: Shotgun

Plague Marines [10 PL, 182pts]: Icon of Despair
. Plague Champion: Plaguesword, Plasma gun, Power fist
. 5x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Plague Marines [10 PL, 182pts]: Icon of Despair
. Plague Champion: Plaguesword, Plasma gun, Power fist
. 5x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

+ Elites +

Deathshroud Terminators [11 PL, 225pts]
. Deathshroud Champion: Manreaper, Plaguespurt gauntlets
. 2x Deathshroud Terminator: 2x Manreaper, 2x Plaguespurt gauntlets

+ Dedicated Transport +
Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 74pts]: Combi-bolter, Combi-bolter

++ Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment (Chaos - Death Guard) [24 PL, 470pts] ++

Mortarion [24 PL, 470pts]: Curse of the Leper, Plague Wind, Putrescent Vitality


The Corsairs throw themselves into the reach of death!

Corsair deployment.

Mortarion, daemon primarch of Nurgle.

A gaggle of corsair warriors.

Saturday 11 November 2017

World's of the Narrative - Sanctum

Planet: Sanctum III.
Segmentum: Pacificus.
Sector: Xenobian.
System: Sanctum.
Surveyed: M32.
Sanctum I - Barren World.
Sanctum II - Barren World.
Sanctum III - Terrestrial World.
Sanctum IV - Terrestrial World.
Sanctum V - Gas Giant.
Sanctum VI - Gas Giant.
Sanctum VII - Ice World.

The system designated Sanctum by the Imperium was once a part of the ancient Aeldari empire. Abandoned by them millions of years before the Fall the planet was quickly reclaimed by the forces of nature. Great jungles swept across those primitive ruins burying them beneath their roots and vines. However deep within those ruins artefacts of the Aeldari still lie waiting to be rediscovered.

The Aeldari still feel a tie to this world and Farseers visit to bask in the peace and solitude of this world unaware of the artefacts beneath their feet. Sanctum is all they have left of their original homeworld and they will defend it should it come under attack.

Size: Equatorial distance - 18,500 miles.
Gravity: 1.0 G.
Satellites: One moon.
Population: None.
Orbit: 75 million miles from it's star. Sanctum III takes 300 days to complete one orbit.
Climate: Mean surface temperature of 28 degrees centigrade.

Guided by the will of Father Nurgle, the Death Guard have emerged from the Warp above Sanctum III. With no population to to concern themselves with, the Death Guard simply deploy by landers to the surface and head towards the ancient ruins in search of the Aeldari relics. Following the will of Nurgle they seek these artefacts to corrupt them and deny the alien foes their heritage. The Craftworld farseer's sense the danger and come roaring through the webways with a terrible host to combat and stop the foul plague sons.

Notes: This is the world for narrative games against the Craftworld Aeldari and possibly for Harlequins as well.

Tide of Battle:
Craftworld victories: 2.
Death Guard victories: 0.
Draws: 1.

1. Battle for Qualor Valley.
2. Battle for Site 2212.
3. Outflanked!

Saturday 4 November 2017

Ordered Retreat - Cerberus

Planet: Cerberus.
Region: Cerberus sector.

Death Guard vs Dark Ultima space marines.
1500 points.
Mission: Deadlock - Psychic Maelstrom.
Deployment: Pitched Battle.

The Death Guard attempt to blockade and cut off certain strategic targets held by the Imperium had failed. Forced to retreat so as not to stretch their forces too thin, many elements found themselves hounded by space marine forces. To allow the plague marines to fall back safely, Typhus held his ground and fought to slow the Imperial pursuit.

A revenge match against mister Multch and his space marines. No longer are they just an Ultramarine army but a successor chapter named the "Dark Ultima." This time it was my choice of mission so I picked Deadlock using the psychic maelstrom battle zone rules. I don't get enough games using the battle zones so when I get the choice I'll snatch it up.

Multch likes his repulsor tank I knew first off that I would need some means of dealing with it so the first thing I put in my list was a trio of helbrutes to hammer it into scrap. There is no point playing psychic maelstrom without psykers, although Multch did well enough without them, so Typhus was joined by a plaguecaster. Would this help me? Well...

I tried to be strategic in how I placed my units and by random luck it helped when the tactical objectives were drawn as I was already sitting on two of them. First turn was simply moving the helbrutes, poxwalkers and Typhus forwards towards the objective that I needed at the center of the table. My predator did good dealing some serious damage to Multch's redemptor dreadnought that succeeded in keeping it mostly of the game from here on. In return the repulsor and the dreadnought blasted my predator into lots of little bits.

Multch then dropped some centurions down near the center of the table to contest my control of that objective but even as I lost poxwalkers to excessive shooting I was in control and gained the objective. The middle of the table became a mighty melee. As one helbrute went down I used a stratagem to make it explode, which wounded the centurions and my own helbrute. It was not long though before my sorcery cleared the center but by then I had lost all three helbrutes.

One rhino holding a plague marine unit and my plaguecaster with little to capture on my left flank sped forward towards the ruins across the table where Multch had some helblasters snipping away at my poxwalkers. Between overpowered smite, plenty of ammunition and some plague knives, they were soon cut down. Meanwhile the other plague marines on my right flank withstood a full round of shooting from the repulsor before then dying the following turn to continued massed shooting. By then though I had figured that Multch was going to win with a lot more tactical objective cards.

Ultimately the game came down to a nasty battle in the middle of the table. A primaris captain, apothecary and I think it was a lieutenant took on Typhus. The plaguecaster swept forward trying to snatch mortal wounds through smite but he was soon gunned down by the repulsor. Meanwhile Typhus was not doing great on the hits but making saves like crazy until the end of turn 6 when he dropped giving Multch a point for Slay the Warlord. The game ended and we counted up the points. We would have been drawn on 9 points each, but Slay the Warlord took my opponent than one step ahead giving him total victory.

Great fast flowing game and I not nearly as overwhelmed as I thought I was going to be. The cards came out much more equal than most games involving them so although I thought Multch had gained more than he had. Very good game but next time victory will be mine. :)


++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [82 PL, 1490pts] ++

+ HQ +

Malignant Plaguecaster [6 PL, 110pts]: Curse of the Leper, Plague Wind, The Pandemic Staff
Typhus [9 PL, 175pts]: Miasma of Pestilence, Putrescent Vitality

+ Troops +

Chaos Cultists [3 PL, 48pts]
. 9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun
. Chaos Cultist w/ special weapon: Heavy stubber
. Cultist Champion: Autogun

Plague Marines [10 PL, 156pts]: Icon of Despair
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife
. 5x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Plague Marines [10 PL, 156pts]: Icon of Despair
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife
. 5x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Poxwalkers [6 PL, 120pts]: 20x Poxwalker

+ Elites +

Helbrute [7 PL, 139pts]: Helbrute fist, Multi-melta
Helbrute [7 PL, 139pts]: Helbrute fist, Multi-melta
Helbrute [7 PL, 139pts]: Helbrute fist, Multi-melta

+ Heavy Support +

Chaos Predator [9 PL, 160pts]: Twin lascannon
. Two heavy bolters: 2x Heavy bolter

+ Dedicated Transport +

Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 74pts]: Combi-bolter, Combi-bolter

Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 74pts]: Combi-bolter, Combi-bolter


Death Guard deployment - center and right flank.

Primaris marines hold a ruin and snipe down at my poor helbrutes.

Dark Ultima chapter brings the big guns.

Plague Marines holding the right flank.

Dark Ultima repulsor tank.

Blockade Mission - Cerberus

Planet: Cerberus.
Region: Cerberus sector.

Death Guard vs Adeptus Mechanicus.
1500 points.
Mission: No Mercy.
Deployment: Pitched Battle.

With the Death Guard deploying their reinforcements to Cerberus, they seek to blockade elements of the Imperial forces before moving in for the kill. One such primary target was a Adeptus Mechanicus force holding an energy production facility taken in the opening hours of the war. The Death Guard launched a successful offensive to surround and contain the site before moving their big guns into the main attack.

This game was against Christopher and his Adeptus Mechanicus army. It's been a good while since we faced each other down and this time he had the new codex. His list was practice for an upcoming tournament we are attending and in hindsight I should have done the same but I went for a hastily put together list instead. I had expected that he would field a Knight so I took mine just in case, and good job that I did.

I was running late and at the same time trying to chat to a potential new club member so the game a little disjointed which was a shame. Once we got started we rolled and got the standard across table deployment. Christopher's force was able to deploy mostly in cover but I didn't have that luxury so I made good with what I had. I needed to get the first turn but it went to my opponent.

The Mechanicus didn't need to move although he did outflank some electropriests on my left flank who would soon prove to be a pain. Christopher's first turn was largely shooting. He tried to focus fire on my Knight and did drop a few wounds. If I remember correctly he managed to snag a victory point or two on his first turn as well. My first turn was not great. I moved forward as best I could. |My terminator lord moving to back up one plague marine squad against the electropriests. That failed abysmally as once they got in there, they tore my terminator lord down with ease and proceeded to massacre the plague marines in the ruin above him. These guys are nasty.

Christopher proceeded to outflank some rangers on my right flank. Their goal being to decimate my cultists sitting on an important objective. Correctly selecting the casualties meant that I prevented his charge from being successful. I used my bloat drone to thin their ranks before destroying them with superior firepower.

We then sort of bogged down and the game became a duel of epic proportions in the centre of the table between our two knights. Mine had suffered a lot of damage but was still standing. However, here it proved to be the unit of the match as once it hit it's last would it refused to die. Christopher's knight struck it again and again, and yet I made every single 6+ armour save it could make. Nurgle certainly wanted it to survive.

As time was creeping up on us at this point we called it at the end of turn four. Christopher was well in the lead with 10 victory points to my mere 2. This was a very good but tough game. My opponent's list was perfect and will do him well in the upcoming tournament where as my list was really rather poor. I should have tried with my tournament list but it just didn't cross my mind. Oh well. Better luck next time.


Unfortunately due to some computer problems I don't have a copy of the list I fielded against Christopher.

Dunecrawler's waiting in the ruins.

The start of the war.

The might of the Death Guard.

Sneaky Mechanicus forces prowl the edges of the battlefield.

Some soon to be dead cyborg scum!

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