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Worlds of the Narrative: Delphi Majoris

Planet: Delphi Majoris.
Segmentum: Ultima.
Sector: Ghoul Stars.
System: Delphi.
Surveyed: Unknown.
Delphi Majoris - Terrestrial World.
Delphi Minoris - Barren World.
Delphi Titanis - Gas Giant.
Tears of Isha - Asteroid Belt.

Located on the trailing edge of the Ghoul Stars, the Delphi system was once a colony of the ancient Aeldari Empire. It had been abandoned long before the Fall however as mysterious threats from that region of space made the colony too undesirable. Since then it has remained empty and abandoned, shrouded in freezing mist. Animal life is almost non-existent and the wind blowing through the overgrown Aeldari ruins is often the only sound to be heard.
Size: Equatorial distance - 15,000 miles
Gravity: 1.00 G
Satellites: Fourteen, mostly large asteroids.
Population: None.
Orbit: 300 million miles from it's star. Delphi Majoris takes 466 days to complete one orbit.
Climate: Mean surface temperature of 6 degrees centigrade.

The farseers of the Ynnari have long sought signs of the last ancient crone sword that they seek. After many years of searching they have been drawn to the ancient world of Delphis Majoris. Whether this be the resting place of that blade or just the next step in their quest they do not know. Yvraine now searches the ruins here for signs of what they seek.

The Ruinious Powers rarely see eye to eye let along ally together for long. However, Slaanesh has brokered a deal with Nurgle. In return for assistance against the Ultramarines in the galactic east, Nurgle has dispatched his greatest warriors to this former Aldari world to stop the aliens recovering the whereabouts of the final crone sword. They will stop at nothing to ensure that the relic is never found.

Notes: Delphis Majoris is the world for the games against the Ynnari faction of Aeldari plus their Harlequin allies. I had considered just using this for combined Ynnari and Craftworld Aeldari but I think it makes more sense to have one world purely for the Ynnari.

Tide of Battle:
Ynnari victories: 2.
Death Guard victories: 1.
Draws: 0.

The engagement is still new and both sides are unsure about the capabilities of the other. The Ynnari will not give up their quest and the Death Guard are stalwart in their opposition.

1. The Artefact (7th edition).
2. Dance of the Damned.
3. Ambush.

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