Thursday 31 January 2019

Vigilus Campaign round 1 - complete

Total Control:

130 campaign points - Imperium.
82 campaign points - Orks.
46 campaign points - Tyranids.
28 campaign points - Drukhari.
10 campaign points - Chaos.
10 campaign points - Tau Empire

Round 1 (January 7th to February 4th 2019):
In round 1, the mighty Ork forces make planetfall on Vigilus and immediately begin to assault the nearest hive cities. The Imperial defenders fall to political infighting in their futile attempts to organize a hasty defence.

By the end of the first month, the Imperial forces had turned their in-fighting around and were concentrating all firepower upon the alien aggressors arrayed before them. The Orks had secured a number of vital locations, constructed scrap towns and seized vital supply points. The emerging Genestealer Cult, Drukhari raiders and Chaos presences were for the moment largely ignored and underestimated however.

1st place:  Imperium.
2nd place: Orks.
3rd place: Tyranids.
4th place: Drukhari.
5th place: Chaos.
6th place: Tau Empire.

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