Thursday 3 January 2019

Missions - Matched Play

Matched Play is the default game style for Warhammer 40K and is based around both players having even sized armies playing balanced missions. Matched Play is my second favourite play style after Maelstrom of War. Scenarios are simple and straight forward, perfect for pick up games and pre-arranged games a like. Both armies are of relatively equal points values so games are a lot fairer than say narrative games.

Matched Play missions work very well for tournaments and organised play alike. If you want a kill point mission or an objective controlling one then they exist. Players don't have to worry about awkward additional rules and strange additions that might skew any results for a tournament.

Unlike Narrative Play, Matched Play doesn't try to recreate "historical" engagements but instead focuses on the critical few minutes and actions of a much larger battle, those moments which turn the tide and secure victory for one side.

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