Friday 25 January 2019

Furious Road - Vigilus

The battle of Furious Road was a battle the growing Ork horde and the entrenched Genestealer Cult occupying one of Vigilus' largest fuel depots. The engagement was brief lasting only a matter of hours.
Two days previously the Cult had seized control of a vital fuel reserve intended for the Vigilus PDF. With signs of Ork vehicles on the horizon, the Cult hunkered down and prepared to weather whatever was coming for the depot. Despite suffering early causalities the Cult held tight to their claim but the tide of buggies and deffkoptas's was relentless.

1100 points.
Genestealer Cult vs Orks (Evil Sunz).
Mission: Storm the Lines.
Battle Zone: None.

Week three of our Vigilus narrative saw my poor beaten up Genestealer Cult facing a fun thematic list of Ork speed freaks played by Jon. He picked Storm the Lines and it was more thematic that the Orks be the attacking force. Right away just looking at what Jon had brought to the table I knew that I had no chance so it became a case of just having fun with it and this game was a good fun one.

I set up first in my two deployment zones with my usual hybrids and genestealer squads hiding in the shadows. Jon then set up his host of buggies and deffkoptas in a line across from my bastion. I had first turn and I managed straight away to bring down a unit of two koptas. Unfortunately due to the mission having ongoing assault Jon got them back straight away on his turn one. Alsmost immediately I lost the unit occupying my bastion and he used Da Jump to leap a unit of boyz over to my lines where their shooting took down most of my remaining neophytes.

Turn two and I decided not to bring the reinforcements on just yet. My reason being that I didn't see anywhere that their presence would help all that much and I feared that they would just be gunned down, so I left them hiding. Shooting for me was ineffective really so come Jon's turn he surprises me by both taking out my magus, the remaining neophytes and... AND bringing down my bastion. As I have nothing on the table at the end of a turn Jon wins.

Well, that was a short game.

Even so, we agreed to play on just to see what the outcome would be. I was going to lose so it became an exercise in survival.

Turn three and I brought on both my reserves. The hybrids came on midway down my left board edge with the idea that might be able to assault some of Jon's buggies and claim some blood. The genestealers, patriarch and primus popped up in my deployment zone behind cover (mostly) to try and repel his orks that killed the neophytes. The hybrids lost two men to overwatch and failed the charge. I needed a 12 but it was worth the risk. I just didn't expect to lose anyone I guess in the attempt.

Jon's turn and he moved some boyz to intercept the hybrids and moved his biker warbosses up towards my genestealers. Much dakka dakka later and I've lost the hybrids and the genestealers. He charges my patriarch so we can have warlord on warlord action... and promptly kills my patriarch before I got to do anything.  Turn four ended when my Primus was taken down far too easily. Jon won by tabling my entire army.


So, despite the odds being well stacked against me I still had fun with this game. As I keep saying, until Genestealer Cults get a new codex and I can afford to buy some more toys for them I am going to struggle with everything thrown at me. A couple of nice chaps at the club have offered to give me or buy me some needed vehicle options so maybe soon enough I might have a chance. Wish me luck.

From the Shadows remains the biggest bugbear for me at the moment though. It's handy and it's thematic but it never plays out in my favour. I can't afford to not use it, especially for the genestealers, but I am considering not bothering next time just to see what difference it may or may not make.


+++ GSC (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) +++

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Tyranids - Genestealer Cults) ++

+ HQ +

Magus: Familiar, Power: Mind Control
. . Categories: HQ, Character, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Faction: Tyranids, Infantry, Psyker, Genestealer

Patriarch: Familiar, Power: Might From Beyond, Warlord
. . Categories: Faction: Tyranids, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Character, HQ, Psyker, Infantry, Genestealer, Warlord

Primus: Bonesword
. . Categories: HQ, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Faction: Tyranids, Infantry, Character

+ Troops +

Acolyte Hybrids: Cult Icon
. . Categories: Troops, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Faction: Tyranids, Infantry
. . 3x Acolyte Hybrid
. . Acolyte Hybrid (Hand Flamer): Hand Flamer
. . Acolyte Hybrid (Heavy Weapon): Autopistol, Heavy Rock Saw
. . Acolyte Leader: Lash Whip and Bonesword

Neophyte Hybrids: Cult Icon
. . Categories: Troops, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Faction: Tyranids, Infantry
. . 8x Neophyte Hybrid (Lasgun)
. . Neophyte Hybrid (Special Weapon): Grenade Launcher
. . Neophyte Leader: Bolt Pistol, Chainsword
. . Neophyte Weapons Team: Lascannon

Neophyte Hybrids: Cult Icon
. . Categories: Troops, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Faction: Tyranids, Infantry
. . 8x Neophyte Hybrid (Lasgun)
. . Neophyte Hybrid (Special Weapon): Flamer
. . Neophyte Leader: Bolt Pistol, Chainsword
. . Neophyte Weapons Team: Heavy Bolter

+ Elites +

Purestrain Genestealers: 16x Purestrain Genestealer, 16x Purestrain Talons
. . Categories: Elites, Faction: Tyranids, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Genestealer, Infantry

++ Fortification Network (Tyranids - Genestealer Cults) ++

+ Fortification +

Imperial Bastion: 4x Heavy bolter, Quad-gun
. . Categories: Fortification, Faction: Unaligned, Building, Vehicle, Transport

++ Total: [73 PL, 1099pts] ++

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