Sunday 30 December 2018

Vigilus Campaign in pre-production

For 2019 the club is going to run our own version of the Vigilus campaign. At the moment we seem fairly accurate to the factions involved in the actual events. I will keep a weekly report of the tides of war as we progress.

Adam: Tyranid faction.
Alex: Imperium faction.
Ashleigh: Imperium faction.
Charlie: Tau faction.
Christopher: Imperium faction.
Colin: Tyranid faction.
Dan: Drukhari faction.
Elliot: Imperium faction.
Gary: Drukhari faction.
Jaime: Imperium.
Jon: Orks faction.
Landon: Imperium faction.
Luke: Orks faction.
Mark: Chaos faction.
Michael: Chaos faction.
Multch: Orks faction.
Shadbolt: Tyranids faction.
Stuart: Orks faction.

My Thrones are obviously on Genestealer Cults to win but this could be an interesting series of games.

More info as it becomes available.

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