Monday, 9 April 2018


At the start of the year I was getting hyped to paint my models. I even started making a dent in the grey plastic hordes that sit upon my shelf. Lately though I just can't get myself motivated to do anything. Some of it comes from work shifts, other gaming commitments (I'm running a Pathfinder RPG campaign of my own design at the moment), copious amounts of housework and just finding time to spend with the other half are eating away at my spare time.

I know having a break is good and when things settle down I'll probably be jumping right back in there with gusto. But right now the thought of picking up a brush and cracking open a pot of paint almost fills me with dread.

How do you, my fellow gamers, keep yourself motivated and what methods do you use to keep yourself going?


  1. That's weord timing. I was just thinking at work last night about how it'd be cool to do a post on my own blog about motivation and how to keep up out your output.

    I set myself smaller goals rather than looking at the big picture of what needs painting, like saying 'I just need to paint this Land Speeder and these Veterans and I've got 1500 points of Thousand Sons done, instead of 'I've still got 4000 points to paint!'.

    I also find that holding myself accountable with stuff like Painting Points and taking part in hobby challenges helps, but those aren't for everyone. I find that the thought of 'needing' to get something finished can just give me the push I need to carry on with a project.

    Mostly though it's a case of 'little and often'. Even just 1/2 an hour a day can make for surprising amounts of progress in a short space of time. It also helps break up the more tedious parts of models.

    1. I've got random models to paint as well as whole units. Thankfully I have some time off coming up so hopefully I can fit some time in there.


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