Monday 23 April 2018

Grey Knights review - part 2

Following my recent post about the Grey Knights codex, one of my good chums posted the following in response on our Facebook group.

The way I see it is this code was designed for soup. Alone GK are not very competitive. Mix n match them with some IG or ad mech etc and you can build a decent force. It's not really a stand alone army. Too much middle ranged weaponry and nowhere near enough long range. Very limited choices. Designed to be used in a mix of detachments as an elite combat core.

I hadn't thought about the idea that the Grey Knights codex might really have been designed as an ally for the Imperial armies. In that contest I think they fit well as the initial 8th edition release always screamed to me that the Imperial, Chaos and Aeldari factions were supposed to be mixed within themselves making some nice fluffy armies.

Another chap then posted the following:

The thing to remember as well is GW is a business first and foremost. GK have never been a massive hit and they don’t really have a big range. Every infantry unit other than terminators can be built with the same single box. This keeps cost down to make the army. The new edition HQ was just a dread knight and a picture of how to convert it. The only new model they have got in a few years was the HQ in the ultramarines primarch box set because it was the only way they would make money on it.
GK will never be a competitive codex because it doesn’t warrant the effort in money and development to increase there range and rule set. It’s a shame that’s the case but that’s just the way it is. I have just excepted that my GK will be a low tier army and they won’t ever win me many games. They will just come out whenever I fancy trying something or if I cab actually arrange a game with a daemon player for fun.

This could be very true but if so why even bother with the army. It also brings to mind an apocryphal story from about ten years ago. When asked at a Games Day seminar whether Dark Eldar would ever get a new codex, the GW developer said it was unlikely because the army wasn't played very much and how many people here played that army? The resulting number of hands going up stunned him. A couple years later there was a new Dark Eldar codex.

The same thing comes to mind about Sisters of Battle. Games Workshop don't seem all that interested in updating them in recent years because they don't sell despite all the vocal fans crying for a new codex and plastic models. If you don't put out new models people won't buy the army. You have to produce new stuff to keep interest alive.

So is that the problem with Grey Knights? Were they meant to just be an Imperial ally force under this edition? And if they want the army to sell, they need to produce new stuff.


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