Thursday, 24 October 2019

The Rift Wardens

My Genestealer Cult is no more. It has been sold in order to take the girlfriend on weekend away next year to Nottingham (not for any personal reason I can think of...). Not that I was winning much with the Cult anyway. I had lost a lot of enjoyment from them in recent months. Probably the reason why my blog sort fizzled away.

 Instead I have purchased a sizable Primaris army for next to nothing from a friend and repainting them as my own chapter, the Rift Wardens - an Imperial Fists successor. The chapter is purely Primaris and fleet based. The Rift Wardens patrol the Imperial side of the Cicatrix Maledictum, responding to reports of incursions.

So far played three games with them under the new SM codex. Beat a combined Chaos Daemons army (you can read that battle report below this post) and a friends Aeldari Corsairs. Only army to beat me so far, and it was very close, was Hive Fleet Leviathan.

I can't paint very well. It's been thirty two years since I started 40K and it's not a skill I have nor do I have the patience for it. So, with that in mind firstly forgive me for my lack of painting skills (they are still very much works in progress too), and secondly, the lens on my camera phone is smashed so they aren't great quality pictures.

Chapter Master Aureilus, who wields the Crusader's Blade (Burning Blade relic). 

Reclusiarch Mordred. 

Uther, Master of Sanctity/Chief Librarian. 

The paint jobs on the infantry look better in person. My camera doesn't do them any justice at all. 

Although I am building the third company, the transfer sheets I have only have the II icon, so all my dreadnoughts must have been loaned out to the 3rd for the duration of their battles. 

I had thought about a silver and purple colour scheme for space marines when 8th edition first dropped but as I was focused on Death Guard at the time I didn't bother pursuing it. After giving Death Guard and Genestealer Cults ago - I think GSC were just a throwback one the army I had under Rogue Trader in the 80's - I have felt drawn to the space marines again. After three games I am enjoying playing them again after becoming disinterested with space marines in the early days of 7th edition.

The only problem I have now is getting 2000 points painted before the 2nd of November, when eight of us are going up to Nottingham for a weekend of gaming. And here's me with little silver paint left!! Help! Wish me luck.

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