Friday 18 October 2019

Terror from the Rift

Rift Wardens (Imperial Fists) vs Daemons of Nurgle, Khorne and Tzeentch.
Points: 1500
Mission: Dominate and Destroy.
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil.

The first proper game for my new primaris space marine chapter, the Rift Wardens, pitted them against my friend Gary's chaos daemons army. He was playing a nice combination of Nurgle and Tzeentch.

After setting up the six objectives, they were quite heavily stacked to one end of the table. Thankfully we were playing Hammer and Anvil deployment and I got to choose which end I wanted. Naturally I picked the side with three easily accessible objectives. I set up as a traditional gunline so that the daemons had to come at me across the table.

I let my opponent have the first turn so that his forces had to run towards their doom and into my bolter fire. With no other choice, that is exactly what he did. Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds leading the charge while the Plaguebearers followed up slowly at the back. Gary had a couple Tzeentch chariots held back and his Horrors were still waiting in the Warp.

Over the first couple turns of the game, I was happily mowing down his Flesh Hounds and Bloodletters. Most lost enough casualties that in the morale phase the rest vanished back into the Warp. He passed one roll with a double one and managed to bring the unit back up again but they didn't last long. After the Flesh Hounds died, the right flank was in the hands of Karanak and once my Chapter Master and his Aggressor bodyguards got into combat, the mighty hound of Khorne was no more. This left Skulltaker, his warlord, as the remaining character.

Gary then found a spot in my back lines to deploy his horrors and they popped into existence, and starting pouring eldritch flame into my lines. Thankfully they didn't do well and I didn't lose many but it did mean that I had to turn one Intersessor unit to focus fire on them. In return I dropped my three man Inceptor squad into his deployment zone, where they gunned down the unit holding the objective there. They didn't last long themselves as Gary turned a Chariot around and over two rounds cut them down.

By turn 4 though the Bloodletters had been decimated, one chariot was in ruins and all Gary had coming at me was a handful of Plaguebearers and Skulltaker. The Plaguebearers died a death at the cannon and fist of my Redemptor Dreadnought and in an amazing roll of the dice, my Librarian charged into Skulltaker and took his head before he could fight back.

Turn 5 and the game ended with me in a clear victory.... 20 points to Gary's 11. Probably the best outcome that I have ever had in a game of 40K. A very good game and one where I was pleased that a reasonably static gunline was still viable for marines. I definitely prefer playing Primaris over regular marines.

In the past I would have had serious difficulty with Daemons but it shows how in the right mission with the right deployment, even someone as casual as I can do well. I look forward to the rematch.


At the moment I only have a single static list until I get my army painted and then new options added. Here is what I presently have fielded:

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [76 PL, -4CP, 1,483pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

**Chapter Selection**: Imperial Fists, Imperial Fists Successor, Inheritors of the Primarch

+ HQ [11 PL, -2CP, 206pts] +

Chapter Master in Gravis Armor [6 PL, -2CP, 108pts]: Boltstorm gauntlet [12pts], Iron Resolve, Master-crafted power sword [6pts], Stratagem: Chapter Master [-2CP], The Burning Blade, Warlord

Primaris Librarian [5 PL, 98pts]: 2) Might of Heroes, 3) Null Zone, Force sword [8pts]

+ Troops [25 PL, -2CP, 425pts] +

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 85pts]: Bolt rifle
4x Intercessor [68pts]
Intercessor Sergeant [17pts]

Intercessor Squad [10 PL, 170pts]: Bolt rifle
9x Intercessor [153pts]
Intercessor Sergeant [17pts]

Intercessor Squad [10 PL, -2CP, 170pts]: Bolt rifle, Veteran Intercessors [-2CP]
9x Intercessor [153pts]
Intercessor Sergeant [17pts]

+ Elites [17 PL, 394pts] +

Aggressor Squad [5 PL, 111pts]: 2x Aggressor [42pts], Aggressor Sergeant [21pts]
Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher [48pts]

Dreadnought [5 PL, 120pts]: Missile launcher [20pts], Twin lascannon [40pts]

Redemptor Dreadnought [7 PL, 163pts]: 2x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers [8pts], Heavy flamer [14pts], Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon [30pts], Icarus Rocket Pod [6pts]

+ Fast Attack [7 PL, 123pts] +

Inceptor Squad [7 PL, 123pts]: Assault bolter x2 [48pts], 2x Inceptor [50pts], Inceptor Sergeant [25pts]

+ Heavy Support [16 PL, 335pts] +

Hellblaster Squad [16 PL, 335pts]: Plasma incinerator [150pts]
9x Hellblaster [162pts]
Hellblaster Sergeant [23pts]: Plasma pistol [5pts]

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