Friday 8 February 2019

The Primaris Question

This is a topic that gets debated a fair bit across the 40K community and it came up last night in a couple of discussions at my local club. There is a concern, and it has been there since 8th edition was released, that the older space marines (and their models) are going to get phased out in favour of the new Primaris marines (and their models).

Part of this stems from the idea that they are the cool new toys and that eventually as new datasheets get added to the Space Marine codex there won't be the room, so something has to go. Will that be the classic space marines of old? A lot of people think that is going to be the case and are understandably unhappy with the idea.

I even put forward the idea, partly in jest, that Codex: Primaris might come about because Games Workshop was unable to copyright the term "space marine" several years ago. Although I was joking, it does have hint of a possibility about it.

However, I personally do not think that the old space marines will go away. At least not anytime soon. Although nice additions to the space marine codex, the Primaris just do not have the options to be as variable as their regular battle brothers. They don't have devastators or dedicated assault marines in the same way. Some will say that the Primaris options are better but I feel that they are lacking the same punch. You'll always need the regular marines and the Primaris will fight well alongside them.

However, this is Games Workshop, and while in recent years they have become better in how they are handling the business, they are still a company out to make money. Forcing everyone to purchase a whole new range wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility but I cannot see it these days. There would be too much of an outcry from space marine players.

So, what are your thoughts?

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  1. The old marines will disappear, eventually. I don't see it for a number of years and see things going something along the lines of; 8th edition - primaris releases, building the line over several years. 9th edition (in another 2 to 3 years, similar to the AoS update) - primaris main focus, old marines relegated to sub-faction and loose a number of models. 10th edition (in about 7 or 8 year time) old marines gone, replaced with full line of primaris marines.

    It's only my thoughts but old marines are definitely on the way out, the latest releases seem to confirm this with the release of sniper Reivers.


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