Sunday 3 February 2019

Missions - Apocalypse

Apocalypse was a rules expansion that first came out during the days of 5th edition (it may have been end of 4th but fairly certain it was 5th) that changed the scope of Warhammer 40K. Apocalypse took the game from being a scaled in skirmish game to being something that showcased the larger war and expanded what the players could bring to the table.

While you could just play Apocalypse with a predetermined points limit, the actual concept was that both (or more) players brought everything they wanted to the table. People could bring their entire army collection if they so wanted and the playing area was big enough. It allowed for a game where super heavy vehicles, titans and gigantic monstrous creatures were not only acceptable but made for an even better game. It did this by introducing the idea of stratagems, like we have today, with more for players whose army points were less than their opponents. Models were easily killed and swept off the table.

It's only downfall being that the game went from being something you could play in 3-4 hours of an evening to something that took an entire day or an entire weekend! It became too big really although a nice try from Games Workshop.

We only played Apocalypse two or three times as the logistics involved were too much. Out first ever attempt lasted several hours but only two turns went by. It was just too much and for that reason alone I dislike Apocalypse as a game format. 3-4 hours is about right in my head and this game variant doesn't support that sadly.

Chapter Approved 2018 included some updated 8th edition rules for Apocalypse along with some missions specifically designed for the format. Unlike certain other variations - primarily Planetstrike - Apocalypse has never really caught on locally.

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