Monday 22 October 2018

Worlds of the Narrative: Svartos.

Planet: Svartos.
Segmentum: Solar.
Sector: Midgard.
System: Svartos.
Surveyed: M39.
Svartos  - Ice World.

A little known world orbiting a pale white star. Svartos was discovered a few years before the end of the Great Crusade and granted by the Emperor to the Space Wolves legion. The frozen ice fields and great volcanos spewing a constant flow of a lava reminded the legion of their own frozen home world. Under Leman Russ the legion constructed a mighty fortress. From here they could protect the coreward advances towards Terra from any potential threats. The fortress is still in use now and with the forces of Chaos slowly making their way towards the seat of Imperial power, the fortress has been resupplied and the garrison increased.

Size: Equatorial distance - 745 miles.
Gravity: 0.62 G.
Satellites: One moon.
Population: None.
Orbit: 152 million miles from it's star. Leviticus 426 takes 248 days to complete one orbit.
Climate: Mean surface temperature of -63 degrees centigrade.

Svartos lies in the path of Abbadon's advance towards Holy Terra. The Space Wolves fortress must fall to prevent them attacking the flank of the traitor forces. Once more, the Death Guard are nominated for this task, much to the chagrin of the Thousand Sons. His eyes now set upon this prize, the great plague fleet of Typhus descends upon the Space Wolves fortress planet.

Notes: This is the world for battles against the Space Wolves. I felt that with the possibility of Leman Russ returning, that they should have their own battle zone.

Tide of Battle:
Deathwatch. victories: 0.
Death Guard victories: 0.
Draws: 0

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