Monday 9 July 2018

Worlds of the Narrative: Leviticus 426

Planet: Leviticus 426.
Segmentum: Tempestus.
Sector: Daedalus.
System: Leviticus.
Surveyed: M41.
Leviticus 426 - Dead World.
Leviticus 426B - Dead World.

Leviticus is a system on the far edge of the Eastern Fringes beyond even the Tau Empire. The Astronomicon is extremely weak here. It is a barren planet with a barely breathable atmosphere and no resources to speak off. A hundred million years ago this world was part of a new extinct Necron dynasty which fell due to infighting. The remnants of it's technologies still lie deep below the surface.

Size: Equatorial distance - 1,200 miles.
Gravity: 0.8 G.
Satellites: One moon.
Population: None.
Orbit: 17 million miles from it's star. Leviticus 426 takes 31 days to complete one orbit.
Climate: Mean surface temperature of -20 degrees centigrade.

A Deathwatch station sits on the edge of the Tau Empire constantly on the alert for xenos activity. When strange garbled communications are faintly detected coming from what was thought to be a dead world, a Deathwatch team are dispatched to investigate. Deathwatch command aware of the former Necron occupation fear that the modern dynasties could be looking to loot the remains. What the team find upon arrival is a sizable force of Death Guard with eyes on several Tau worlds. Deathwatch command cannot risk the region being destabilized and so order the team to attack and destroy the traitor forces below.

Notes: Leviticus 426 (I'm sure you get the reference) is the world for games against the Deathwatch.

Tide of Battle:
Deathwatch. victories: 0.
Death Guard victories: 0.
Draws: 0

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