Monday 2 July 2018

Worlds of the Narrative - Bastion

Imperial Fists / Adeptus Custodes

Planet: Bastion.
Segmentum: Solar.
Sector: Solarum.
System: Bastion.
Surveyed: Pre-Imperium.
Bastion I - Dead World.
Bastion 2 - Death World.
Bastion 3 - Fortress World.
Bastion 4 - Dead World.
Bastion 5 - Gas Giant.
Bastion 6 - Gas Giant.
Bastion 7 - Gas Giant.
Bastion 8 - Ice Planet.

Bastion was one of the first worlds terraformed by humanity not long after they achieved warp flight. It began as a military training facility that swiftly grew into a sizable colony. When the early Imperium relocated the planet it was determined that it's position was perfect to as a shield world absorbing potential incoming attacks. The planet was given over to the governorship of Rogal Dorn who established an Imperial Fist contingent alongside elements of the Imperial Guard.
Since then, Bastion has survived with very little conflict but the garrison remains ready and able to blunt any invading force headed for Holy Terra.

Size: Equatorial distance - 10,500 miles.
Gravity: 1.2 G.
Satellites: One moon.
Population: 15 billion.
Orbit: 162 million miles from it's star. Bastion takes 340 days to complete one orbit.
Climate: Mean surface temperature of 27 degrees centigrade.

With the fall of Cadia, Abaddon's crimson path has not faltered. He has taken the time to consolidate his position on the worlds surrounding before pushing forwards. Now, nearly one hundred and fifty years later, he calls upon his allies to continue the push towards the Imperial seat of power. As before, the Death Guard lead the assault but first they must overcome the forces station on Bastion.

Notes: This world is for battles against Imperial Fists, Sisters of Silence and Adeptus Custodes mainly.

Tide of Battle:
Imperial Fist victories: 0.
Adeptus Custodes victories: 0
Sisters of Silence victories: 0
Death Guard victories: 1.
Draws: 0

1. First Strike.

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