Friday 27 January 2017

Tactical Escalation - Cadia

Planet: Cadia.
Region: Cadian Sector.

Death Guard vs Skitarii
2000 points:
Mission: Tactical Escalation.

The mission was simple. The despoiler had dispatched Virulex to capture and occupy a cluster of pylons close to the front lines. Had not the master of the Death Guard pledged his services to the Black Legion, the mighty daemon prince would have smote Abaddon's head from his shoulders for such an insulting task.

Things changed however, when the task force arrived to find a detachment of Mechanicus operatives led by Belasarius Caul himself studying the pylons. What a gift it would be to gift his master with the still screeching head of the false god's servant. Raising his mighty blade to the skies, Virulex ordered a charge into the rapidly deploying Skitarii lines.

We’ve now got a Skitarii player at the club and as the Ad mech armies are one of a couple I have yet to play against I challenged him to a game. 2000 points and we rolled Tactical Escalation.

I had seen that he played Belisarius Caul and two Knights (one an Atropos class) so I was unsure what to take against him. Had a week to prepare and I just could not decide on a suitable list. I knew I wanted my Chaos Knight so that forced me into a Combined Arms detachment. Decided to play a daemon prince for the first time as well to hopefully help mow down his troops.

We rolled that annoying corner formation and my opponent managed to seize the initiative. It didn’t do him much good and neither of us had a great first half of the game. In the first three turns neither of us had objective cards we could easily score and the only casualties were two of my rhinos and a wound on one of his robots. No reserves came in on either side. It was three turns of moving forward.

My chaos knight finally got into combat and began to slowly smash his way through things. He lasted two turns before exploding most impressively, and when the dust cleared there was a tech-priest type figure (I forget the name), three walkers and Caul with one wound remaining left standing in the crater! I’d have liked for it to hang around but it’s death made the points up.

On my left flank the daemon prince was dropped by two rounds of sniper fire from his rangers. I really remember daemon princes being tougher than that but I guess that is small arms fire for you. His reserves came in turn 4 outflanking into my chaos marines. Battle was joined and although He smashed his troops the remaining marines died to being trodden on by his walkers.

Both Heldrakes came in turn 4. One did nothing before being blown out of the sky. The other took out half of his troop unit before the following turn once more dropping to anti-air fire. This was the first game in a long time where a player I have faced has brought anti-air. I have been playing the heldrakes a lot lately so I should have expected it.

Come turn 6 and Chris was 12 victory points to my none. The cards all came up in his favour and I just could not achieve any of mine as he whittled my forces away before they could manage anything. Even the mark of Nurgle could not save me this time!

But I did go into this game deciding that it was a learning experience. I have a better idea how to handle the Skitarii in future but I’ll need to get some more models to achieve that victory. Good game.

My list:

Daemon Prince.
Mark of Nurgle. Power armour. Pusbringer (relic).

1 unit of 10 Chaos Cultists.
Mark of Nurgle.

2 units of 10 Chaos Space marines.
Mark of Nurgle. Two meltaguns.
Champion: Plasma pistol and power weapon. Melta bombs.
Rhino transport with extra combi-bolter.

Multi-melta and power fist.

Heldrake Terror Pack (2 drakes).

Chaos Knight.
Daemon knight of Nurgle. Thermal blaster. Foe-ripper chainsword.

Warlord Virulex leads ahead of an insane helbrute to the western flank in a vain attempt to engage the Skitarii ground troops. Neither made it into combat due to incoming fire.

The Dominus Pestilens engages in deadly hand to hand combat with the Skitarii war machines.

A scene of carnage as the Skitarii successfully hold off against the forces of Nurgle.

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