Thursday 21 April 2016

War in the East - D'Then

Planet: D'Then.
Region: Perdus Rift.

Death Guard vs Tau Empire.
1500 points.
Mission: Crusade.

In the years before Typhus sided with Abaddon in his 13th Black Crusade, the Traveller engaged in a war with the Tau forces on the edge of known space. The colony world of D'Then was the primary target. From here the chaos space marines could launch raids into surrounding systems carving out a small empire away from the Eye of Terror.

The war began with biological warfare followed by heavy ground combat as the Death Guard slowly pushed into the Tau colonies. This engagement came about as the Death Guard scoured the dead for salvageable equipment and munitions. The Tau launched an attack to catch Typhus unawares and end the war before it really started.

This is the first game of an attempt to play all the missions currently in 40K. The first game was against my friend Adam who normally plays Farsight Enclave but this evening chose to play a regular Tau army but other than two fire warrior squads decided to go all battle suits and crisis suits. I think he expected to easily blast me apart with mass firepower but I pretty much made all my feel no pain rolls which kept me alive through the game. 

It was a objective mission, three in play, and I was sat on two of them almost from the start of the game meaning that I didn't have to move and he had to come forward. The high point of the game was Typhus charging into a Ghostkeel, dodging all the attacks (it missed with all of them) and then hitting back with 8 successful attacks! Typhus made his contribution that day! 

I won I think more because Adam forgot that it was an objective mission and he was going for the kill. Perhaps things would have gone different had be focusing on removing me from the objectives rather than just killing units.

I only made one small mistake in that game and that was not noticing that Typhus cannot summon daemons (must be Lore of Nurgle only!)

My list was something like:

10 man chaos space marine squad with mark of nurgle.
10 man plague marine squad with two meltaguns.
10 man plague marine squad with two meltaguns.
5 man chaos terminator squad.
Chaos Predator with twin-linked lacannon and two heavy bolter sponsons.
Helbrute with multimelta.

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