Thursday 21 April 2016

Corsair Raid - Caseopeia

Planet: Caseopeia.
Region: Cadian Sector.

Death Guard vs Eldar Corsairs.
Mission: Purge the Alien.

Moving ever closer to Cadia itself, Typhus leads his war band against the Imperial mining and munitions world of Caseopeia. Rather than follow his usual plans of seeding the atmosphere with flesh eating bacteria, Typhus simply deployed his ground troops and assaulted the mining colonies.

One such colony received unexpected aid in the form of an Eldar corsair raiding party. Whether these were allies of Maugan Ra and the Craftworld Altansar was unknown but would explain their presence. The Raiders fought to to drive the Death Guard back into the barren wastes of the planet rather than for conquest or glory.

So this was a game played against my friend Richard who had decided to pick up a Corsair army from one of the Forge World books and he wanted a friendly opponent for his match with the army. He had to proxy a few models for this one but that's fine. I hadn't seen this army played for a few years so I was not really aware of what could be arrayed against me and I don't quite remember what units he had just that they were mostly skimmers with long range fire and some cool warp gate toys.

My list was fairly basic as I recall being my usual but substituting a sorcerer for Typhus so I could try and get some plague bearers summoned, not that they did me much good. I just did not have the units to handle this battle. Long range fire has always been my weakness with what I currently have to field. Also, any time I did get close they simply flew away and blasted me.

It was still a very good game, although one sided. I had a good fun playing against it mainly because it was something we don't see at out club very often. Richard always provides a good game as well.

Apologies I don't have much to say about this one but it was a few months ago and I don't remember much of it now. However, we had a rematch a few weeks later which I have to write up.

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