Thursday 21 April 2016

Civil War - Cadia

Planet: Cadia.
Region: Cadian Sector.

Death Guard vs Death Guard.
Mission: ?

During the war for Cadia a rival champion of Nurgle decided that this was the perfect opportunity to claim power for himself. He led his personal war band against Typhus himself! If he could defeat the Traveler then Nurgle would have to raise him in return but Nurgle is not so easily manipulated.

So this was an interested game against Ashleigh who brought a fellow Death Guard army to face mine. His was was somewhat different as he also included a large force of plague zombies and some raptors.

I forget the mission but I think it was a simple kill point mission. We deployed across table from one another but most of the fighting took place to one side of the table where his plague zombies seemed almost unkillable. I had such trouble dropping them when they shouldn't have been a problem. Oddly, however, the Raptors were not a problem. I was able to slaughter the lot in close combat. Another game where my feel no pain rolls were just awesome.

My sorcerer began his useless streak with this game. Although he can summon Plague Bearers he has started rolling perils of the warp almost every time I try a psychic power. He halved his wounds just by summoning the daemons. He soon died in close combat when an opposing champion challenged him to single combat. I had no chance but he was going to die anyway.

Ashleigh is a good opponent but I really thought I'd do better than I did in this game. I can't pin down why exactly I failed but my Death Guard failed to live up to their potential here.

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