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Worlds of the Narrative - Grendel

Planet: Grendel III.
Segmentum: Ultima.
Sector: Bathesda.
System: Grendel.
Surveyed: Unknown.
Grendel I - Barren World.
Grendel II - Barren World.
Grendel III - Terrestrial World.
Grendel IV - Gas Giant.
Grendel V - Ice World.

The Grendel system is a minor world on the edge of the Farsight Enclaves. It was originally scouted by the Imperium several years before the location of the Tau home world was first discovered. It was deemed unimportant and simply cataloged for future reference. When Commander Farsight abandoned the Empire and installed the Enclaves Grendel III was claimed as well. It has since been used as an outpost monitoring the void north of the Enclaves.

Grendel III has little mineral wealth and is too warm and dry for most crops to survive. It does have some natural predators but nothing too much of a threat. Several monitoring and communication stations exist spread across the surface which remain in constant contact with the Enclave home world.
Size: Equatorial distance - 4,400 miles.
Gravity: 1.0G
Satellites: Two moons.
Population: 2,000 approximately.
Orbit: 110 million miles to it's star. Grendel III takes 275 days to complete one orbit.
Climate: Mean surface temperature of 65 degrees centigrade.

.Adrift in the Warp for some time, carried by the whims of the gods, the Death Guard emerge and find themselves on the edge of the Grendel system. Long range auspex sweeps reveal the presence of Tau technology but little in the way of population. Eager for battle once more the plague fleet swoops down upon the colony. The planet lacks orbital defences and the Death Guard manage to deploy to the surface with little interference. The Enclave forces marshaling for a defence while a call for aid is dispatched to the home world.
When Commander Farsight arrives to bolster the defence, the forces of Nurgle have laid claim to much of the planet driving the defenders into specially prepared kill zones. Farsight leads an orbital insertion and starts to bring the war to the rotting foes arrayed against him.

Notes: Grendel is the planet for games against the Farsight Enclaves. As mentioned in the notes for Fandrel, I determined that it made more sense for them to have their own world than be lumped in with the rest of the Empire.

Tide of Battle:
Farsight Enclaves victories: 0.
Death Guard victories: 0.
Draws: 0.

Currently I have had no games against the Farsight Enclaves under 8th edition.

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