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Worlds of the Narrative - Artica

Planet: Artica III.
Segmentum: Obscurus.
Sector: Cadian.
System: Artican.
Surveyed: Unknown.
Artica's Pearls - Asteroid Belt.
Artica I - Barren World.
Artica II - Gas Giant.
Artica III - Ice Planet.

The Artican system is a cold region barely lit by a dying blue star. The only world in the system with an atmosphere is Artica III. Some millennia ago the Adeptus Mechanicus came here and using advanced technology tunneled into the ice. Beneath the surface they constructed a sizable fortress and within they constructed... something. It is not known whether it was a weapon or something else but it lays there waiting. Why the Mechnicus abandoned the site is also unknown although the surface is dotted with ruins and Imperial wreckage, the detritus of a battle fought long ago.

Size: Equatorial distance - 1,300 miles.
Gravity: .02G
Satellites: Three moons and countless asteroids.
Population: None.
Orbit: 3 billion miles to it's star. Artica III takes 240 years to complete one orbit.
Climate: Mean surface temperature of -240 degrees centigrade.

With the Imperial forces beginning to push back against the darkness, Abaddon has consulted his seers seeking something to aid in the war effort. His sorcerers cast their gaze into the Warp and soon intone that an ancient relic lies beneath the ice of Artica - a frozen world which once held an Adeptus Mechanicus stronghold now entombed in the ice.
The Despoiler seeks the aid of the Death Guard in recovering this powerful device. However as they close in on it's location Abaddon decides that he will not share power and orders his marines to attack the plague marines.

Notes: This is the world for those games against the Black Legion.

Tide of Battle:
Black Legion victories: 1.
Death Guard victories: 0.
Draws: 0

The Black Legion have launched a surprise attack and right now the Death Guard are on the back foot.

1. Betrayal on the Ice.

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