Friday, 2 June 2017

Hunt the Enemy - Tethys Ultima

Planet: Tethys Ultima.
Region: Ghoul Stars.
Date: 905.M41

Death Guard vs Necrons.
1500 points.
Mission: Purge the Alien.

Following their initial defeat the Necron forces on Tethys Ultima have begun a series of fast hard hitting raids to test the defences of the Death Guard fortress base. In each instance they have been repulsed and forced back into the deserts of that dead world.
After a week of constant raids Typhus decides that his forces have been reacting instead of attacking, and so orders his warlords to scour the deserts for the machines. Find their commanders and destroy them utterly. With no command structure the Necron warriors will fall to the wrath of the legion!

For a while now I have been trying to organize a game against my friend Andrew E and last night we finally got to bring the pain. Initially he was going to play an Armies of the Imperium list with Guilliman but decided to field a Necron army instead. Always one for facing that rare army I was pleased to test their mettle once more. We decided to go for a simple kill point mission and rolled for deployment. This game we would be playing from the short ends down the length of the table.

He set up first and for a moment I was quite shocked to see a Monolith getting played, as around here I don't think I've seen one fielded for a few years. I set up everything as much behind cover as possible and decided not to steal the initiative just so that he had to walk everything down the table to me. My plan being to bring down the monolith with lascannon and meltagun fire, while my raptors and jump pack lord went after the other units and hopefully his war lord.

The first couple turns went quickly. Andrew just marched his forces forward and I did likewise. First turn of the game and one Rhino got itself immobilized in the mud. Just my luck! But it would prove a fair place to do so once that Monolith came down from the heavens. Turn two he got his Monolith and his Flayed Ones in from reserve. I would soon immobilize the Monolith and although he kept getting hull points back it never really posed a threat for the rest of the game. The Flayed Ones ended up in combat with my Raptors and although they held me up for a couple turns they soon were crushed.

Turn three saw his Deathmarks arrive in behind my lines and they took out the Chaos Marine squad with the lascannon. They lost one in return fire but that was all they did. They would earn him the Linebreaker point though.

The next couple turns were basically him shooting largely ineffectively at my guys but he was up with victory points simply by wrecking my Rhinos and Land Raider with gauss fire. My terminators held up his wraiths and the Raptors tried smashing through his warrior squad to little effect. The challenge between by jump pack lord and his overlord was basically a stalemate. I couldn't seem to hit him but I was making all my feel no pain rolls. I think we took a wound of each other and that was it.

The game came to an end turn 5 and we counted the cost. Thanks to him scoring linebreaker and first blood Andrew snatched victory. 5vp to 3. The problem was simply that neither of us could hurt each other. My FNP rolls were just amazing and Andrew's reanimation protecol rolls were likewise fantastic. A good close game.

I think part of my problem was that for the last few years we have around here upped our games to 2000 points which left me feeling unsure as to what to take at 1500. The Knight is too expensive to take even though i would have liked to and the formations require too many points as a minimum.

Necron forces advance down the battlefield.

A mighty Monolith descends from the clouds upon a column of green light.

The Death Guard defence near the start of the game.

Battle is joined!

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