Monday, 15 May 2017

Worlds of the Narrative - updated

So, with the release of 8th edition and the changes to the universe of Warhammer 40K, I've updated what the narratives will be. And here are the lists of those narrative battles against specific opponents. Some are old classics but there are some new ones, and additional war zones will be added as and when needed.

The world of Abraxes had already fallen to the Death Guard after a lengthy campaign. Space marines and guardsmen alike had fallen to Nurgle's gentle caress. It was then that the sorcerers felt a disruption to their connection to the Immaterium - the Shadow in the Warp! From the ruins arose a host of foul genestealers and from the void comes a terrible foe. The Death Guard have claimed this world and will not let the Great Devourer to take it from them now.
Expected Defenders: Genestealer Cult and Tyranids.

A cold ice once that once held an ancient Cult Mechanicus stronghold. Abaddon seeks a relic from deep within the vaults and has sought aid from Typhus to recover it. Once the stronghold is located Abbadon turns on his would be allies, not wishing to share the power that hums deep beneath the surface. On the cold frozen wastelands the Black Legion and Death Guard wage war for control of a potential doomsday device.
Expected Defenders: Black Legion.

Launching an attack upon a lightly protected Imperial world the servants of Nurgle find that another foe has already taken the planet for their own. The Greenskins have decimated the planet and enslaved any survivours. The Death Guard deploy from space into the Ork lines fighting for the glory of Nurgle and their own wrath at having lost the opportunity to decimate this world themselves!
Expected Defenders: Orks.

A mining colony unlucky enough to lay in the path of Typhus' plague fleet. The traveller orders his legion to attack the Imperial mining facilities. Initially successful, the Death Guard then find themselves under alien attack from a superior raiding force of Eldar pirates. Forced into the desert badlands, Typhus must find a way to defeat the foul xenos if the Death Guard can seize the promethium supplies and return to their ships.
Expected Defenders: Aeldari Corsairs.

The Domitus Crusade has begun. Guilliman leads the armies of the Imperium to war against it's enemies. One such target is a region of space known as the Cerberus sector - a region of space held by the Death Guard for over two millennia. The armies of the Imperium descend upon those stars seeking to cleanse them of the foul taint of Nurgle.
Expected Defenders: Armies of the Imperium.

Delphi Majoris.
Sometimes even the rival powers of the Warp have common interest. The newly risen Reborn of Ynnead have come to this once pristine world searching for some ancient and powerful artifact with which to upset the balance of power in the universe. In an unusual alliance, Nurgle has brokered a pact with Slaanesh, and the plaguefather has dispatched his favoured sons to stop the Aeldari before they can find the relic that they seek.
Expected Defenders: Harlequins and Ynnari.

The Tau Empire's fifth great expansion has brought to an Imperial world long sought by the Empire for it's mineral wealth. They arrive only to find that the world has already fallen to the Death Guard. Still intent on capturing this world the Empire has called for aid from the empire but will help arrive before the sons of Nurgle eliminate the invaders?
Expected Defenders: Tau Empire.

Advancing into the frontiers of the Tau Empire, the Death Guard fall upon the world of Grendel. This world lies within the sphere of influence for the Farsight Enclaves, a worthy adversary for the sons of Mortarion. If Grendel can fall, it leaves the Death Guard within easy striking range of several other Tau systems.
Expected Defenders: Farsight Enclaves.

Hell's Landing.
A tectonically unstable death world on the edge of the Cicatrix Maledictum. <information withheld by Inquisitorial mandate>

The Death Guard had successfully captured the world of Miridian from the Imperium. Typhus began to turn the planet into his own place of power from which to launch attacks upon Cadia. A few weeks after the Death Guard won the planet, they came under attack from a raiding force of Dark Eldar eager for slaves and to sow confusion.
Expected Defenders: Drukhari

A dark world on the fringes of Blood Angel controlled space. The Death Guard have laid siege and have successfully eradicated the human defenders. A telepathic transmission has reached the ruins of Baal and the sons of Sanguineous have come to seek righteous vengeance.
Expected Defenders: Blood Angels.

A world on the edge of space protected by the Dark Angels chapter. Reports have come to the Dark Angels that the so called "Voice of the Emperor" is here and have come in full chapter strength to capture him. Shortly after they arrive, the plague fleets arrive in system. Cypher's old allies from the Fall of Cadia have come to answer his summons.
Expected Defenders: Dark Angels.

The world of Sanctum was once part of the mighty Aeldari empire in the days before the Fall. Drawn here by their dark master, the Death Guard seek to defile this world sacred to the alien filth. The Craftworlds cannot allow the remains of their holy sites to be defiled and burst from the webway to stop them.
Expected Defenders: Craftworld Aeldari.

The Ruinous Powers are fickle and forever seek to prove their dominance over their brethren. Deep in the Eye of Terror, they draw their forces, pitting them against once another in a war of ideology. Forced to fight and die for the glory of their patrons the forces of Chaos battle in a war eternal.
Expected Defenders: Chaos Daemons, Death Guard, Emperor's Children, Thousand Sons and World Eaters.

The Death Guard have set up a base of operations on the volcanic ice world of Svartos. Their frequent raids into Imperial space around the systems protected by the Space Wolves has brought the wrath of that chapter down upon them. Among the lava flows and ice flats, the two ancient enemies do savage battle.
Expected Defenders: Space Wolves.

Tethys Ultima.
A barren dead world long forgotten by the powers of the galaxy. The Death Guard have claimed this lost world as a base of operations for their raids into the surrounding sectors. Little do they know that below them lies a vast Necron tomb. The construction efforts on the surface have triggered ancient defence mechanisms and the machines have begun to awaken, arming to destroy the interlopers on their ancient home world.
Expected Defenders: Necrons.

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