Monday, 20 February 2017

Eternal Night - Susperia

Planet: Susperia.
Region: Eye of Terror.
Time has no meaning in the Warp.

Death Guard vs Chaos Daemons.
2000 points.
Mission: Eternal Night.

The Ruinous Powers are fickle and always struggling to outdo one another in their rivalry. They have snatched up their greatest champions from throughout the galaxy and brought them to the daemon world of Susperia - a world trapped in the heart of the Eye of Terror, where reality meets unreality. There to do battle in glory of their dark masters!

A couple nights ago my friend Richard and I went up to Nottingham for the night to have a game at Warhammer World (and meet one of the chaps from the Tabletop Tactics youtube channel). He brought his slaaneshi daemons to face the might of Nurgle's finest.

Our choice of mission was Eternal Night from Altar of War/Battle missions. It has a strange deployment basically to represent a defending force being surprised by a daemonic foe materialising out of thin air. The table is split into four triangles with their points meeting at the middle of the table and each unit is randomised as to where it starts. The daemon player then does likewise. I soon found myself surrounded by a horde of pink.

First turn of the game was horrendous and bloody. I lost a Great Unclean One, a unit of plaguebearers, my warlord and a rhino not to mention a fair few marines. I was lucky and managed to bring his Chaos Knight down with two meltaguns and a multi-melta. Those slaaneshi things are nasty!

After that the turns went rather quickly and with much brutal combat. I had severely underestimated how good a pure Slaanesh daemon army would be. I had always looked at them as the weakest of the four armies and I had my eyes opened. The mission is fairly much geared towards the daemons which helped them. Had they needed to race across the table at me things would have been very different.

As I say we spend the rest of the game in bloody assault. Daemonettes tore both my helbrutes and the defiler down with ease which amazed me. I thought they would be untouchable by such puny things. The mounts of Slaanesh proved very hard to deal with and Richard just kept summoning them turn after turn. I just was not able to deal with them. I think I only managed to bring down one unit of them and that was it.

The last turn of the game, turn 5, ended with his army largely intact due to summoning and sitting on a pile of victory points while I had gave up counting. All I had left from my army was the Chaos Knight of Nurgle which certainly was the model of the match for me. Next time I face those little pink terrors, I'll have a bit more respect for them.

My list was a standard Combined Arms Detachment with a daemons allied detachment:

Chaos Sorcerer, level 3 wielding the Pusbringer relic.
Two units of chaos marines with two melta guns, in rhinos.
Two Helbrutes with multi-melta and power fist.
A defiler with autocannon and scourges.
A heldrake with baleflamer.
Chaos Knight of Nurgle.
A great unclean one.
A unit of plaguebearers.

Warhammer World!

Daemonettes about to be crispy critters.

Final stand of the Death Guard at table centre.


Slaanesh daemon prince.

Slaanesh and Nurgle daemons battle for dominance.

Daemon Knight of Slaanesh.

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