Wednesday 3 August 2016

Mobile Defence - Cadia

Planet: Cadia.
Region: Cadian Sector.

Death Guard vs Craftworld Alaitoc
Mission: Mobile Defence.

Having been driven from the main battle by massed artillery fire, the Death Guard had been forced to find alternative routes back to Abaddon's lines. Typhus cast his eyes across the ruined cityscape before him. This part of Cadia's second city had been destroyed weeks earlier and now a small force of alien Eldar held the main route through. His suit's lenses detected the presence of two vengeance weapon platforms between them and the aliens. The batteries in inactive but the Traveller knew that if his marines got close enough then the signature of their power armour might reactivate them. He directed his marines to hold the nearest ruin and hold it as a make shift command post. Two squads of Plague Marines and his own Terminator bodyguards were directed to capture vital locations on the path to the main thoroughfare. True to his wishes as his forces got close to the Eldar lines both weapon platforms opened up targetting the alien filth before them and opening a path forward.

Thursday night last week was a game against my friend Chris B and his Eldar forces. I played a battle missions scenario called Mobile Defence. Chris wanted to play 2000 points which gave me a few more options. Between work and other commitments I still haven’t had time to build or paint much more.

The mission called for my opponent to set up everything that wasn’t a skimmer basically in his half of the table and then I deployed. Everything else of his comes in on reserve starting turn 1.

I took two vengeance weapon platforms hoping that they might do me good against his frail Eldar. His forces got the first turn and took out one platform. My heavy options did a fair job of taking things down but against Eldar they were popped pretty much every turn.

As it was an objective holding mission (3 on the table) my plague marines and CSM squad were basically tied into holding objectives. I used a terminator squad to capture the one in my opponent’s side of the table. Even with my usual FNP rolls Chris’s Eldar just whittled my plague marines down. Even Typhus only mnaged to destroy one squad of guardians by himself before succumbing to mass fire from three wave serpents! I am getting fed up of playing him as he just doesn’t seem worth it any more.

The game ended turn 6 with my terminators holding one objective and my opponent claiming the other two. Another fun game but Eldar are a force that I just don’t know how my Plague Marines are going to handle in future.

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