Friday, 4 May 2018

Battle of Bannerheim - Abraxes

Planet: Abraxes.
Region: Ceres Sector.

Death Guard vs Tyranids.
500 points
Mission: Annihilation.
Deployment: Hammer & Anvil.

Following the decisive Tyranid victories over the last few weeks, the Death Guard forces have been pushed back even further. The Tyranids hungry for biomass did not pursue but paused in their advance to devour what they could from the fields of rotten flesh. This allowed the Death Guard to regroup and launch a counter attack.

My friend mister Shadbolt decided a while ago to run a small four person escalation league and tonight was the start. The idea was to play everyone once at 500 points over the evening but it didn't quite work out that way so we tweaked it a little. I played Shadbolt and his Tyranids for the first round. I was very much outnumbered and not entirely sure how I was going to manage this.

Shadbolt got the first turn and sped his gaunts and genestealers up the table. My word, genestealers are fast these days. I hoped that my plague marines could handle those and send my hellforged contemptor towards the mass of gaunts surging up my left flank. Turn two and combat was swiftly joined. The genestealers took care of my plague marines  although the lord of contagion slew several. He in turn was killed by the broodlord, who then died to the spray of goo from the suppurating plate. A good case of mutually assured destruction.

The left flank was a bloodbath but one were the contemptor made himself man of the match. At best I think the gaunt's managed to take one or two wounds off of it but every turn it managed to eat enough to recover any lost wounds. Over three turns it killed off the gaunts, three tyranid warriors and two surviving genestealers. It was the last unit left standing. Victory went to the Death Guard!


A really good game here. I truly thought at the start that I was not going to get anywhere with this match. I was outnumbered and I've never done well against Tyranids especially in larger games.

I had taken the hellforged contemptor because I knew one of the other players in the league was going to be playing Orks and I wanted something that could hopefully mow down plenty of boyz and still hold it's own in close combat. It did leave me with very few models but I hoped it would do me well and I was pleased with the outcome.


Patrol detachment.

Lord of Contagion - tainted regeneration trait - suppurating plate.
7 man plague marine squad with icon, plasmagun and plague spewer.
Hellforged contemptor with kheres assault cannon, hellflamer and havoc launcher.


The Hellforged Contemptor rips through the alien menace.

A genestealer horde led by the broodlord descends upon the plague marines.

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