Monday 14 November 2016

Blitzkrieg - Bludhaven

Planet: Bludhaven.
Region: Sereaphon Sector.

Death Guard vs Orks.

Mission: Blitzkrieg.
Deployment: Special.
Points: 2000.

After making planetfall the Death Guard began to fortify their landing site in preparation to take battle the greenskins. However, the Ork horde had other plans and launched a fast attack on the barely prepared chaos forces. Sorcerer Cholic ordered the few teams of bikers to intercept while the remaining ground forces advanced behind them. Battle was soon joined but the Death Guard found themselves quickly outnumbered and out gunned.

I don't get to play against Orks very often. In fact I think it has been a couple of years since I last made war against them. So when my friend Jon challenged me with his Orks I was very pleased. I asked him to pick a mission and he chose Blitzkrieg from the Battle Missions book. As I still don't have a lot of time to paint and build I knew I was going to be on the back foot here. The mission really requires fast attack options and right now I have three chaos bikes and that is it. Still I wasn't going to let that spoil my fun so that was my option.

The Blitzkrieg mission requires only fast attack options to start on the table in opposing corners. Everything else, on both sides, has to sit in reserve waiting to come in. My choice was three bikes and Jon's was a nice sized squad of warbuggy's. The game gave him the first turn and thankfully for me none of his reserves came on the table. However, I got a handful of my units including my Chaos Knight, which proceeding to blast through the buggy unit.

I pretty much decided that there was no way I could hold all three objectives so I focused on the two nearest me and dispatched squads of plague marines, chaos terminators and chaos marines to take them. The turns went quickly as both of us failed to get our units in from reserve. Battle was hard fought around my objectives, and the Knight spent it's time smashing deffkopta's and a large unit of boyz before it finally fell. When i say fell, I mean it fell over backwards and crushed my sorcerer and his chaos marine bodyguards. But it had definitely earned it's points that night before it went down.

It was about this time that my game began to fall apart. Jon's Orks smashed through what I had left trying to contest the central objective, and I completely forgot that he had a small truck under the landing platform where the first objective was sitting. So when the game came to an end turn 6 he had the victory.

Having seen the mission requirement I knew that this was not a game I could win easily. As I have repeatedly said I need the time to expand the army options that I currently have. Had I had more fast attack options I may have done a little better in this one but I don't mind. It was just nice to play against the greenskins again after so long.

The Orks surrounded the Death Guard landing site and through sheer force of numbers obliterated the first wave of chaos marines. Cholic somehow survived the cataclysmic death of the Knight through this psychic skills, but upon informing Typhus of his losses on Bludhaven, he had soon wished that it had crushed him! Typhus called for his champions and teleported to the surface of the planet.

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