Wednesday 1 June 2016

The Scouring - Miridian

Planet: Miridian.
Region: Cadian Sector.

Death Guard vs Dark Eldar.
1500 points.
Mission: The Scouring.

Through the ruins of Miridian's cities the Death Guard and Dark Eldar fight a series of running battles. The favoured of Nurgle called upon the mightiest in their arsenal to destroy the raiders..

This was a revenge match against Gary D's army from the last battle report. He didn't even change his list. But I played a list which I expected to be fun but easily defeated. How wrong I was!

My list was:

Sorcerer of Nurgle, level 1.
Two 20 man Plague Marine squads, with two meltaguns and a icon of despair. Both champions had plasma pistols and power swords. One squad a Rhino.
Predator with TL lascannons and heavy bolter sponsons.
Chaos Knight with thermal blaster and chainsword.

Deployment was short table ends and I set up with the idea of moving forward and taking the two nearest objectives, and then using the Knight to advance to the most important one. Gary purposefully moved his army to the opposite edge to where the Knight was and en mass moved all his fast skimmers up and began to smash through my plague marines from one side of my table across to the other. I managed to take down a few and the Knight just moved up, capturing the highest scoring objective and blasting the Dark Eldar. My opponent managed to knock a couple hull points on it but the big machine healed them with It Will Not Die.

When the game ended, I still managed to secure victory by just 1 victory point and it was because all because of the Knight. Hopefully the beginning of a nice winning streak.

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