Monday, 3 August 2015


For many years I have played space marines in Warhammer 40,000 (hereafter, 40K). Ever since the initial release of Rogue Trader (AKA 1st edition) back in 1987 in fact. The problem is that I never do well with them especially under the current and previous 6th edition rules sets. Part of me is really disappointed that they don't play the way they are reflected in the fluff or that I cannot play them as gun lines anymore.

With that in mind I made a decision earlier this year to ditch the loyalist losers and play something that might give me a more interesting game. I've always liked Nurgle so I decided to go with a pure fluffy unbound Death Guard list and to base their games around the events of the "current" 13th Black Crusade since Typhus' little army plays such a major part in it. Win or lose I'll have more fun I think than I have had in recent years with my old space marines.

The purpose of this blog is to record those games and put a fluffy spin on things. I'm not great at writing these sort of things but I hope you'll stay with me. Comment away and enjoy.

At this time as I write this I have the following built and painted:

Chaos Sorcerer.
20 Death Guard marines.
10 Chaos marines with mark of nurgle.
5 Chaos terminators with mark of nurgle.
1 Helbrute.
1 Chaos Rhino.
10 Plaguebearers.
Agis defence line with quad-autocannon.
Void Shield Generator.

I am currently painting another 10 plaguebearers with 20 more Death Guard built and ready for undercoating. Then I still have some more Death Guard, 3 chaos bikes, 20 Raptors, a fortification (I forget the name right now), a box of zombies and some chaos cultists.

Still a long way to go.

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